So you want to grow muscle right?

Why wouldn’t you. In layman terms muscle does wonderful things for our bodies. Muscle;

There are many reasons why strength training is wanted by men and women. One reason that has helped me stick with it for the last 16 years is that it simply makes me feel great. I love the feeling of mastering my mind and overcoming obstacles and then ticking it off my daily to do list. This small goal helps with confidence and gives you the motivation to go on and set more challenging goals ahead of you. i personally feel ‘less than’ if i have not trained with resistance for 3-4 days, regardless of the cardio sessions i have done. You see when you feel this way about your training you have found an addiction, a want or need that is necessary to be a part of your life. It is no longer about looking good or dropping kilo’s. Yes you want to maintain but the real win is the feeling of accomplishment and self worth that you are that person who is in their giving life a go!

With my weight training I have a routine yes, but it changes based on my feelings and time in a week. My non-negotiable is to train the three main areas weekly. PUSH, PULL, LEGS. If I train 3-4 times then great If I train once then I do the big mothers and pull the house down so i get maximal supercompensation from my session in order to maintain my strength so i can up it next week.

Why am i telling you this because learn to love your training and put the time in and watch the results keep piling up. Every day you enter the gym you achieve the goal. bettering yourself and don’t forget it

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