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PUSH_ Programs are time efficient, allowing you to have a quickie and then get out of here!
Type 2 Basic lifts with super-setting
This method of programming is a continuous style and enables you to get more work done, whilst challenging your cardio-vascular fitness also. It is a great 30 minute work-out for fat loss clients. Clients with larger bulk will fatigue quickly, so if the bulk is the goal then a standard type of weight training, without supersets, would be preferred.

Example 1
Chest Back Superset (d/b bench / d/b prone row)
Chest Chest Compound (d/b bench / push up)
Back Back Compound (d/b prone row/ lat pull-down)
Chest Back Superset (d/b fly / seated row)
Chest Chest Compound (d/b fly / push up)
Back Back Compound (seated row/ lat pull-down)
Squats 1 potential (squats with walking lunges)
Leg Press 1 potential (leg press with walking lunges)
You may use the above pattern for circuit training where you simply go chest, back, legs to potential and then compound the failure set.

Compound Workout- This example is a program where muscle mass is the priority and therefore the use of a compound set is used to fatigue the muscle to it’s end. Firstly, you perform a warm up at 60%, then a potential set (which is judged by having two reps left in your tank- say you were going for 10 reps today, then you would stop at 8). Finally, a failure set which is where you go all out and then directly perform a second compound movement to fatigue the muscle completely. This equals fast results and leaves you feeling motivated, as you have a system that allows you to continually see results!

Split program example for Chest and Tri’s
Bench press 1 warm 1 potential {1 failure set }
Push up { failure }
Inc press 1 potential {1 failure set }
Push up { failure }
Flyes 1 potential {1 failure set }
Pullover 1 potential { failure }
Dips 1 potential {1 failure set }
Narrow push { failure }
CG press 1potential {1 failure set }
Narrow push { failure }

Choose one of the three program styles- but be warned- They get results!

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