Tim’s Beginner Gym Tips That Turned His life Around

Tims Beginner Gym Tips

So Tim gives his beginner gym tips that saw him turn his life around!

Tim started at Viva in September 2017 weighing over 93 kilos and generally unhappy with how his life was going. He felt he needed some help to get his life back on track and actually gave away his work as a financial banking consultant to focus on hos health.

Starting with Dion he immediately saw change and lost his weight in 8 weeks.  But more importantly he just loves the way he feels and the energy he now has.

See more inspiring stories here. Here’s Tims beginner gym tips below.

Where were you Tim?

I’m working, working around 11 hours everyday, 10 hours definitely everyday. I feel tired easily, very easily feel tired. Sleepy all the time and sometimes get mad, no reasons.

Getting bigger, fatter. Yeah, it’s not healthy definitely.

How you feeling now?

Yeah strong. I think it’s weird. Every time after training I feel more energy. It’s not like after training feel tired. No, after training every time I feel energy. Stronger definitely, more energy, and I can focus on stuff and not get mad easily.

What else have you achieved?

I lost a lot of weight, 11 kilos, yes for five months. Yeah, 11, 12 kilos already. It’s very good and I feel different. Pretty much everything here. People friend here, and I feel good here, because it’s first time I joined gym. I never got gym before, this is first time. I feel good.

What advice do you have for others?

The first thing is to get a personal plan, not get the internet or something from internet and download it from internet. You should get something for yourself. It’s very important. Food plan, yeah. Training plan, everything to suit you.

Another thing is if you do it, don’t quit. Yeah, keep going, and you gonna definitely see some change. My mom, my family, everyone is happy, yeah, especially me!!!

Thanks Tim, you’re making it happen!



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