VIVA Beats The Winter Wobble!

After our 8 Week Winter Wobble Fitness challenge, VIVA has some very happy members.
All of them managed to ‘Beat the Winter Wobble’ – BUT most of them made some outstanding improvements not only physically – but for many it was an improvement in their wellbeing – ensuring that the Winter months did not bring them down!

Anita Gagliardi

Todays Testimony comes from one of our more ‘colourful’ family members .. Anita Nudo Gagliardi.

Anita has been a part of our Group Fitness Tribe and our Team Machine Warrior Training family for a long time now and has been considered the ‘class clown’ ever since she started!
Ensuring we all have a good time and a big laugh, Anita said, “These classes are more than just a workout – they are a chance for us mums to get together and not just train – but we let off some steam and get to be a bit feral for 30 minutes or so – without any judgement – and its nice!”

When we asked Anita for a testimony at the completion of her 8 Week Challenge – She simply said;
“When I started, I needed to wear a Tena Lady pad to hide the fact that I would pee myself during each class – and today I didn’t need one. And that is a HUGE improvement for me, so Thank You VIVA!”

And we couldn’t be happier with this – every woman suffers with this problem at some stage and unfortunately, most are unable to repair it. So, to receive feedback like this, from a Mother of four, proves that we are doing our job well.
Thank you Anita – for your honesty and your loyalty.








Enza Meoli

Tuesdays Testimony comes from one of our almost Legend Status members Enza Meoli.

Enza just completed our 8 Week Winter Wobble Challenge.
Her goal? Was just to not go backwards in winter.
Her training? Team Machine Warrior Training 2 times a week with her own PUSH_ Training Systems strength session once a week. And of course RPM! WEEKLY!
Her food? She removed alcohol to special occasions only, stopped eating rubbish before bed and followed our  Kristy Lee’s Ultimate Body Blitzonline nutrition plan to the letter.
Her result? 5.2 kilos of weight loss, a drop of 5% body fat.
Her Emotions? Confidence is through the roof (like she needed it!), feels lighter and leaner and hasn’t been this weight since she met Joseph Rallis 12 years ago!

Enza said “Having the accountability of the Team Machine Warrior Training Wobble board and talking with the other PUSH_ Training Systems trainers each day about food and training and of course the members in my RPM classes reminding me of my goals – is all part of what has kept me motivated and enjoying my training! Im still staying on track as Jo and I are off the Bali in November and I’m taking my bikini body with me! Thanks VIVA!!”

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