10 Tips To Get Toned In Viva Gym Adelaide! Part 1

Whether Your in A Gym Adelaide or Not Here are 10 Tips to Get You Toned Now!

Viva Gym Adelaide will always go above and beyond for our members and these tips have been tried and tested to get results.

Good bodies are not for everyone- It’s tough! Set a timeframe and be realistic. Simply put some of you will not have the willpower to do what is necessary for a flat stomach or six pack. I know this because most want the easy way out. If you are serious then set a time frame and commit to it- No excuses! You can do it but don’t bull #$%^ yourself!

The best way to achieve results (and this has been proven time and time again) is to make yourself accountable to either:

A Person (coach- someone who will keeo you to account and support the journey)

A Program (this gives you a timeline and the investment supports your accountability)

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Eat like a bodybuilder or if you are 80kgs and want to be 70kgs eat like a 70kg person! Watch your portion sizes, don’t eat what is put in front of you and feel you have to at a dinner. Be responsible for your weight and accountable to your goal! Go with your gut and don’t let others opinions affect your own.

Have a plan- 6 days a week have a routine with smaller portion sizes up to 7 meals a day. I.e. 1- oats and egg for breaky, 2- apple and almonds, 3- chicken- rice and veggies, 4- after workout protein shake, 5- can of tuna, 6 fish or lean meats such as eye fillet, goat, kangaroo, turkey and veggies with some sweet potato. And watch what’s on it! If you want a full detailed plan to kickstart you come see us at Viva Gym Adelaide.

Don’t starve- Drop up to 500 calories from your intake only. up to another 500 from exercise- See a PUSH_ Trainer to discuss your plan.

What About Protein?

  1. Protein is King– make sure you are consuming up to 2 grams of protein per kilo of weight. Eat protein at each meal to keep you full and recover quicker as protein provides your body with the building blocks it needs. Supplement using a ‘whey protein isolate’ or concentrate depending on your budget.

Please don’t read this and do nothing! Take a point or two away and I will email you later this week with my next few tips. Slow and steady wins the race so make it happen….

If you want more and some great weight loss tips from my most recent client, MY SISTER, go to http://awomansjourneyfromflabtofab.blogspot.com/2011/03/ummmm-where-did-week-go.html

Laryssa will share with you her recoup and insight to her weight loss challenge she has set for herself since giving birth 11weeks ago.

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Thanks Guys Make it Happen!



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