VIVA Helps Disaster Victims with ShoeBoxes of Love

Every year here at VIVA our family will use the love and generosity of our wonderful members to help those in need. This year we have chosen to help disaster victims, by donating to Shoeboxes of Love.


Shoe Boxes of Love  is dedicated to providing love and hope to those affected by
This includes, Men, Women, Teenagers, Toddlers, Babies and pets.

Shoe Boxes of Love provide love, hope, and support to those that are affected by a disaster, through the provision of “shoe boxes of love”, or shoe box size boxes of essential and luxury items.

Shoe Boxes of Love provides the wider community with an affordable, meaningful and practical way of contributing to disaster relief efforts.

Putting together a shoe box of love is lots of fun!
Think about the items you use each day – which items can’t you go without? These are exactly the types of items you could include.

Here is a list to provide some suggestions on what you might like to include in your box. Adding the items listed as ‘essential’ as a minimum reduces the need for us to add in those items.

Research and feedback received from people affected by previous disasters shows that receiving a box of well thought out luxury items is much more beneficial to the healing and recovery process.

Please note that for health and safety reasons, we do not accept ANY second hand items, furniture, electrical goods or food.

Please remember to clearly label your box with the intendend recipient’s age and gender (eg. Girl, 3-5 years).

So, next time you are at the supermarket, buy a few extra items and whack them in an empty shoebox and come and put it under our Christmas Tree!

It feels good, to make others feel great – so join us in the christmas spirit and donate to ‘Shoeboxes of Love’ TODAY.

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