Viva Team Member Dion Visits Outdoor Gym in Kiev!

I had never seen anything like this!

About a 7 minute run from where I was staying on the Dnipro river in Kiev Ukraine, was this ultimate outdoor gym. After getting in a session on Day 2 I put this little snippet together for you to see what an outdoor gym across the other side of the world is like.

Made from old WW2 Tanks you will hear the humm and buzz of a  9inch grinder in the background as the maintenance man is busily building and repairing pieces of equipment to the side. Watch out for the sparks (I don’t think having insurance is an issue in this country) as he literally is standing next to equipment throwing his tools around.

The place is huge, as you will see in the video and one of the perks from having so much room is that there is no need to change weight loads as everything is preset and welded on bars. Bench  Press start at 20kilo with increments of up to 150. Therefore thats around 26 bench presses! Same goees for squats, inclines and so on.

After training in a place like this you will never complain about gym equipment again! Or for that mater heating or cooling. These guys train 365 days  a year in weather as low as -25 and everything is frozen and snowing.

It was a great experience visting my families motherland and I maintained my exercise program by running through the country, which enabled me to see stuff I never would have if I didn’t get active! I loved getting in 3 sessions at this club with a run too and fro and got 4 boxing sessions in with various boxing coaches across the country. If you want to see some of the lessons we did then check it out here.

I hope you enjoy this recap!

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