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Group Fitness Classes
Group Fitness Classes At Viva Fitness Gym in Adelaide
BodyAttack (BA):

A high intensity interval workout with simple athletic moves and strength work.

BodyBalance (BB):

Combines Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates with stretches and moves to bring the body into a state of harmony and balance.


A Resistance training program using barbells and easily adjustable weights with maximum results to your body.


A mix of kick-boxing, tai chi, karate and self defence, jab, kick and hook your way to a great cardiovascular fitness.
The world’s fastest way to tone your butt and thigh’s, a high energy, athletic cardio blast that wants you coming back for more.


A complete Core conditioning class using either a tube or weight plate.

Pilates (PIL):

A fun class to develop balanced, long lean muscles on the outside and strong muscles on the inside. Creating a solid core whilst improving your posture.

Active Forever (AF):

An easy paced class with weights and cardio to promote strength & wellbeing. Designed for the over 50’s.

GRIT Strength (GRIT):

GRIT strength is a 30 minute high intensity interval training to help create your best body!! Only 15 tickets per class, and when they’re gone they’re gone. First in best dressed.

Ultimate Workout (UWO):

A simple high & low impact aerobic class, that makes it perfect for beginners. With a variety of levels to guarantee a good sweat!

Hath Yoga (Yoga):

A complete mind & body workout to de-stress your inner self, increase your flexibiity and build natural strength.  Suitable for all fitness levels, beginner moves only.


The extreme bike class to build your cardio fitness and strength in your legs.



RPM Bike Class Timetable At Viva Fitness Gym

To gain the most out of your workout, and respect the workout of others, it is a must that you;


-Bring a towel and water to every group fitness class.


-No entry allowed in group fitness classes once the warm-up has completed.


-Please ensure you have allowed yourself enough time to stay for the cool-down. 


-Your group fitness classes are made up of 3 components:


1. Warm-up

2. Workout

3. Cool-down


Warrior Team Training Timetable


Once a privilege of the rich and famous, personal training is now an affordable option for everyday people. At Viva Fitness, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to fitness and service, that is why we have now created our team training programs that allow more people to participate in the fastest way to achieve optimum results with like-minded people – introducing our “Warrior Workouts” Where teams of members participate in 45 minute Functional Training with other members to encourage, motivate and support each other to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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What is Team Machine?

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Our Team Machine coaches come with plenty of experience, including a Kickboxing Title holder, an MMA Cage Fighter and our own LGL Superstar. And they work with beginner boxers to professional fighters and everyone in between. We integrate all different forms of martial arts in our round-by-round routines, targeting the whole body, kick-start your metabolism, and teaching you skills at the same time. Whether your goal is inside the ring, or just to have some fun and make new friends, our Team Machine groups will get you there.

What is Mini Warriors?


Life Skills for Kids!
In our kids martial arts class they will have fun with fitness while improving their self esteem and learning essential self defence in a non competitive environment. Our mission is to help kids find and control their ‘Inner Warrior’.
Our Credo; Show Respect for people, Focus your attention & be present. Strengthen your body, mind & character. Be Courageous to act, learn & grow. Achieve Honour by setting yourself goals and conquering them.

What is GRIT Strength?


GRIT strength 30minute high intensity interval training to help create your best body!! Only 15 tickets per class, and when they’re gone they’re gone.  First in best dressed.



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