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Most teenagers want to use the gym – but are not sure what to do and how to do it safely…
Some teenagers find that improving in their current sport is too hard & they do not have the correct coaching…
In our Junior Development Squads, we specialise in Athletic Development & Supervised Strength Training

Supervised Junior Strength & Fitness Groups 


What is it?

Our Junior Development Squad is a 10 week block of group training sessions run by our Development Coach, Jay, who specialises in Junior  Development. This program is specifically designed for 13-17 year olds with a focus on physical preparation before training, safe and effective strength training & lifting technique and skill development in athletic movements.  

Age-appropriate resistance training offers benefits in several areas of health and fitness, including;

– strengthening muscles and bones

– improving body composition

– reducing cardiovascular risk factors

– enhancing motor skills

– boosting psychological and mental well-being. 


Who is it suited for?

*Anyone between the ages of 13-17 who has an interest in physical development and ‘learning’ the gym

*Those new to the gym and who need to learn the basics of training before going off on their own – with supervised tailored training sessions 

*Athletes who want to gain a competitive edge over their competition or want to stand out in the crowd

*Those dedicated to long term development and learning skills they will retain for the rest of their lives


What is included;

• 1 on 1 coaching sessions to personalise their own periodised program, providing them education as to what the benefits to them will be.

• 10 weeks access to JDS Group Sessions every Tuesday or Thursdays at 5pm, Team training with kids their own age & their JDS coach

• Mentoring & guidance from qualified coaches, providing support to promote the best development of each person 

• Their very own training diary to monitor their training & record results, to ensure continual development of everyone involved

Pricing & Options;

Each teenager begins this program with individual 1-1 coaching, the 2 options include;

BASIC: 1 x 30 minute basic fundamentals & education on their own personalised program, focusing on gym confidence = 49.00

ADVANCED: 3 X 30 minute athletic development programming, focusing on speed / endurance / strength development = 99.00

THEN – access to our JDS Supervised Group Training Sessions – to complete their own programs in a supervised 60 minute session.

Options include; 

Option #1 

 A 10 week block to ONCE a week JDS Group Sessions = 149.00

Option #2

 A 10 week block to TWICE a week JDS Group Sessions = 255.00

Option #3

 A weekly membership with unlimited access to Gym & JDS Group Sessions = 34.95/week (no lock in – no contract) ONLY for ages 15+

**Any teenager starting on this program is required to have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.**


Dispelling myths of Junior Development…


Myth 1: Strength training stunts growth

Structured progressive strength training does not negatively effect growth and actually helps the skeletal system develop, building strength in bones, joints and connective tissues.

Myth 2: Strength training is dangerous

Supervised training sessions taking by a qualified coach are by no means dangerous. Strength training actually reinforces the connective structures of the body and decreases risk of injuries.

Myth 3: Athletes get all they need from their sport

Unless at an elite level club with a strength and conditioning coach employed; athletes are expected to run, jump, land and change direction hundreds of times a game with little to no coaching how to perform these movements.

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