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Every now and then we say goodbye to a family member as they head off to create (or add onto) their own family..
This month we said goodbye for now, to one of our Team Machine Warrior Training warrior women, Isla Woidt as she prepares for the arrival of her new bubs.

And she left us with this beautiful message:

“So I think the time has come to hang up my warrior gloves for a little while. Its getting to the business end of my pregnancy & all my energy is going to getting ready for & growing this mini warrior!
Not long to go now – by the sounds of things, bubs will be born within the next few weeks.

I haven’t seen you guys in a few weeks because of holidays, etc so I wanted to send you a message to say how much I’ve loved training with you over the past year! You never fail to brighten up my day & push me to work harder & laugh more!! 

Being at Viva makes you feel part of a big family which I love & never once has Chloe not wanted to come to the crèche (or the “playroom” as she calls it!)

Thanks for keeping me motivated, strong, energised & sane during 2017.

See you in a few months with my little warrior in tow (& no more medicine ball hiding under my top!!) Isla x”

Todays Testimony comes from one of our ‘Legend Status’ members Trish de Broughe.
Trish has been a part of our VIVA Family for 33 years!!!

She trains at VIVA 5 days a week.
2 of these are resistance sessions and the other 3 are cardio, using bikes, treadmills and rowing machines.

Trish is an avid traveller, gardener and just loves her family. This includes her 53 year old son.

Yes. I said 53.

How old do you think this beautiful lady is??
If you were like me and thought she was around the 55-60 mark .. you would be sorely mistaken.
Trish is about to turn 77.

77 years young – and Trish attributes her ability to overcome major injuries quickly – including an ankle replacement and a torn shoulder ligament – to the fact that she trains consistently with us here at VIVA.

Many people at this age are battling issues like Bone Density diseases, Arthritis or Hip Displacement .. but not Trish.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes regular resistance training has ensured she keeps her body functioning at its peak, allowing her to continue to do all the things that she loves with the energy of a 50 year old.

So congratulations Trish and Thank you for your loyalty – and remember .. age is merely a number!

Wellness Wednesdays we take a new angle .. with why one of our Team Machine Warrior Trainingwomen, Tabetha Howie feels so great after 12 months of training! Happy Anniversary Tab x

“Viva is more than a gym. It’s a community of genuine people who motivate each other, daily. I am nearly 40 & thanks to Viva I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, physically & mentally. Laryssa Tarasenko is teaching me wicked skills. I’m addicted!
The warrior women welcome everybody & the training is flexible to your level of fitness. I love everything about Viva. Thanks for everything!”

Tonight, we share a heart felt beautiful testimony from one of our 20+yr LEGEND members….

“I’ve been a member at Viva for 25 years, since I was an 18 year old uni student. I’ve done personal training with Dion for over 14 years, since being pregnant with my daughter. I have always felt welcomed into the Viva family and felt supported and encouraged to achieve and maintain my fitness goals through life’s trials and tribulations, pregnancy, injuries, illness and personal challenges. The fact that it is family owned helps Viva maintain an intimacy that I can’t imagine finding at any other gym. My daughter Imogen grew up going to Crèche there and I never had any doubt she was being well looked after while I enjoyed my workouts. I have developed my passion for running since joining a Viva City to Bay program 15 years ago. I have made many good friends. I enjoy the solitude of training alone and also group classes. I have experienced the transition from lycra and fluoro, with Dennis & Sharon instructing, to Laryssa becoming a Les Mills instructor. I even got the chance to do Reebok slide! Imogen got to experience Gekko, and has grown up with my example that fitness constitutes a vitally important part of a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Staying fit helps me balance my stressful career as an Emergency Doctor and family life, and I owe much of that to the Viva team who help to keep me focused, inspired and motivated. I can honestly say I am as fit now at 43 as I was at 18. You rock guys…..keep up the awesome work”
Dani x

I was 93.7kg and feeling tired & stressed with no time for a gym and every excuse not to join… How I was wrong!

VIVA’s friendly staff and their commitment towards me and my goals has helped me lose 10kgs and I am Loving It!! They did not just join me up and forget about me.

Everyday there is constant focus and attention that really makes me feel part of a family. The wisdom of the trainers has taught me important lessons on how to keep myself
accountable both in and out of the gym. The training is challenging and it just feels awesome being involved in a group and a team. I feel so proud of what I have acheived but also very excited for a healthier wellbeing ahead in life.

Thank You VIVA!

Fabio has been a member for 7 years and has been taking part in 1-1 training with our PUSH_Coaches for this time.

Fab who has been in a wheelchair since birth, has always worked on his strength to stay fit – and has hit some amazing personal bests, including a Sled PUSH of 240kg and a seated Sled pull using battle ropes of 200kg.

He also enjoys boxing and it is clear this has helped with his fitness levels. So much so, that he now enjoys some sparring sessions with his coaches.

But for Fab – the biggest changes have happened in the last 12-18 months.

As he is in a seated sedentry position 95% of the time, Fab was getting stronger and fitter, but he wasnt changing his body composition. So, he signed up for an I Nutrition Session and overhauled his nutrition. After mapping out his meal plans based on his bodies data, Fab found himself eating more food more often and was feeling amazing. With regular 6 week assessments, to adjust his meals
& training accordingly .. the results after 12 months, speak for themselves

July 2016 Fab weighed in at 88.5 kgs, with a Body Fat % of 28.5%.
July 2017 Fab has weighed in at 70kg with a Body Fat % of just 10.6%

Congratulations Fab!! From Your VIVA Family x

Hi Evan & Dion,

Well it has finally arrived and I am off to the Commonwealth games tomorrow morning.

I would like to sincerely thank you both in supporting me to lose some weight, I have currently lost 19kg. I know it is not as much as we all would have hoped but it is a lot more than I have been able to achieve in the past 7 years of going to other gyms, dieticians, psychologist, diet centres etc, I actually put on 10kg over those years instead of it coming off. I have finally started to lose weight and I feel so much better. I have attached a before photo and a photo taken today in my Commonwealth Games casual uniform so you can see just how far you have helped me to come in the past 9 months.

I have not only lost weight but more importantly I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. I had lower back issues for the past 5 years and with all the strength training I do not get any pain in my back and I have also started to throw the hammer again and am considering taking up athletics again, especially after getting a 3 metre PB in the hammer in February after one week of throwing training. I can only imagine what I can do next season with a bit more throws training.

Evan, without you organising the gym with Dion for me I would never have gone there and found out how to properly lift weights and build up my strength and finally start to drop the weight.

Dion, thank you so very much for all the time you gave to me for both my training and my nutrition. I will continue to follow your suggestions and programs so I can continue to lose the weight and hopefully in the near future reach my goal of 75kg (only 16kg to go).

Again thank you both so much it has meant the world to me to have been given this opportunity and to be finally on the right track to getting to my goal weight.

Kind regards,
Melissa Fraser


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