Kids Mini Warrior CLASSES

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Don’t let your kids fitness fail! 

Would you like your kids to grow their confidence and self esteem? Come try “Kids kickboxing” and fitness classes.

This is known as the ‘Mini Warrior’ Program.   Our Mission is to help kids find and control their INNER MINI WARRIOR!

In our mini warrior classes, your children will have fun, grow life skills and learn essential self defence in a non-competitive environment.

Check out this link to find out more about kickboxing at Viva Fitness.

Ages 5-7 Monday and Wednesdays @ 3.40pm
Ages 8+ Mondays & Wednesdays @ 4.15pm

“Teaching kids has turned into one of my favourite services. There is so much to learn in teaching kids, it keeps it ‘real’ for me. Having an impact on them is amazingly rewarding and I hope to learn and grow with our ‘mini warrior’s for years to come.”

Coach D, Owner and head coach!

New Thursday Kids Athletic Fitness class  -‘Junior Development Squad’ 

Age 10+- at 5pm

Athleticism. All kids need it – but no-one teaches it… Until NOW!
– Learn how to run, jump and move!
– Gain skills that you can transfer to any sport!
– Reduce injuries through learning better technique!

What is it?

Our Junior Development Squad is a weekly session with our Physical Performance Coach Mr Jay, who specializes in Athlete Development. In this group he covers everything from physical preparation before training, to correct lifting technique and skill development in athletic movements such as acceleration/deceleration, change of direction, jumping/landing and more. 

Who is it suited for?

*Anyone between the ages of 10-17 who has an interest in physical development
*Those new to the gym and need to learn the basics of training before going off on their own
*Athletes who want to gain a competitive edge over their competition or want to stand out in the crowd
*Those dedicated to long term development and learning skills they will retain for the rest of their lives

What do we do?

*Build and reinforce habits that foster success in not just training but all aspects of life
*Educate individuals as to what training is and should/should not look and be like
*Set up periodized plans to ensure continual development of everyone involved
*Personalize structures to meet individuals needs
*Provide support and coaching to promote the best development of each person

Dispelling myths of Junior Development

Myth 1: Strength training stunts growth

Structured progressive strength training does not negatively effect growth and actually helps the skeletal system develop, building strength in bones, joints and connective tissues.

Myth 2: Strength training is dangerous

Supervised training sessions taking by a qualified coach are by no means dangerous. Strength training actually reinforces the connective structures of the body and decreases risk of injuries.

Myth 3: Athletes get all they need from their sport

Unless at an elite level club with a strength and conditioning coach employed; athletes are expected to run, jump, land and change direction hundreds of times a game with little to no coaching how to perform these movements.

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