TeamFIT Group Training Classes

View our timetables for a wide variety of classes and groups held right at our gym in Adelaide.


THE “O.G” Team Machine workout! 45 minutes of High intense interval training, functional training, anything to get you fitter, faster and stronger. Get the coaching you need at any level to work at your potential


Kick and punch your way to a fit body and a strong mind! Take out your stresses in the gym and not at home! 
From the beginner to the pro, a workout everyone will love!


Want to build muscle and burn fat but don’t want to do it alone? Get strong in SPARTAN! Dedicated strength & conditioning
training in a group with the guidance of a coach….. and always a fun finisher!


45 minutes of interval training designed to get fit and strong with an easy to follow strength & conditioning circuit with 1-1 coaching!


Inside? Outside? Running? Riding? 
Anything goes in Saturday Bootcamp! The vibe is electric, and the workout is tough, a session with amazing 


Making fitness a habit isn’t easy, but Viva makes it a whole lot more fun! Apply now and get your FIRST 10 DAYS FREE!!


“Inspiring you to live YOUR best life”

Your Family here at Viva Fitness are constantly striving to improve and exceed your personal expectations in creating an enjoyable lifestyle. Through our professional and passionate team, together we will ‘make it happen’…

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