Over 50's Fitness Classes

Are you looking for Over 50’s Fitness  Classes?  

Having strong muscles is a necessity in living an active and independent life! We are passionate about our over 50’s fitness, that we have developed an entire weekly program to it. 

But don’t take our word for it check, out the program in the video and look at the faces of those involved with the over 50’s fitness classes.

It is our muscles that enable us to climb stairs and dig in the garden.

Unfortunately many people find their strength diminishes as they get older.

This is not because people get older, it is because we are not active.

Here at VIVA Fitness it can be reversed, by undertaking our Supervised Strength Training.

As an endorsed partner of the Cota Strength For Life program,
VIVA Fitness will provide;

• Assessments for each client and a personalized program.
• Supervised, progressive strength training sessions each week at an allocated time.
• Qualified and friendly fitness instructors to oversee each session.
• A friendly and safe environment.

A one of cost of just $30, will secure your Assessment program and get you under way. With a maximum charge of just $7 per session or an equivalent monthly or weekly direct debit.


Download your Cota enrolment forms here and let’s get started


These are supervised gym sessions where our trainers will guide you through your own personal strength program. We love to keep it interactive, safe and fun so we include a gentle group warm up and cool down. Sessions run for 60 minutes

Mondays & Thursdays 8.05 am daily

Monday & Wednesday 12pm

Friday                10.45am



AFE Classes are in a group fitness setting and are run to music. These classes aim to improve mobility and flexibility as well as develop core strength and general cardio respiratory fitness.

Join Janice and Dennis as they work our over 50’s out in a fun class, filled with exercise and laughter!

Tuesday & Thursday 12 noon – 1.00 pm

Saturday a ‘better balance class is on at 11.35

$9 per visit. All inclusive memberships are at 16.95 per week and you can use the club unlimited!

A little bit about Dennis, ‘Program Coordinator and Partner at Viva’

“I have been here at Viva since the 80’s! As I have gotten older I have become interested in how to get more of my peers involved in exercise. Fitness makes life easier and people happier. This is what I believe and have experienced in  helping thousands of people over my lifetime (i’m now 66 myself). I love seeing my over 50’s join in and experience the many benefits fitness brings, to help them live better”!

Dennis’s classes have always been as much about the fun as it is about the fitness, where you will always have a laugh, while still working at your own pace. A great class with awesome energy that often ends with a fun catch up lunch! 

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“Inspiring you to live YOUR best life”

Your Family here at Viva Fitness are constantly striving to improve and exceed your personal expectations in creating an enjoyable lifestyle. Through our professional and passionate team, together we will ‘make it happen’…