10 ways to stay leaner

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Staying lean is not as tough as getting lean!  When you have made the lifestyle changes to improve your body image then your are well on your way to improved movement, function and body image. Here’s ten ways to keep it that way.

  1. Look at activity as exercise- Next time you shovel in the garden try doing 10 reps on one side and 10 on the other until you tire. Perform as many sets as you can. Or when you are hanging the washing out, try putting the basket at the other side of the line and squat each time to retrieve the clothing. park further aaway from a restaurant and the list goes on! Find a way to amke it happen!
  2. Motivate others- It’s easy to get active with your friends and try planning social events around exercise. A catch up over a walk instead of coffee.
  3. Make movement part of your life. Get outdoors and move with the kids, the dog or your mate around the basketball court.
  4. Incidental exercise- If you watch 10 hours of TV a week then try stretching or stepping for say 10 minutes and burn 50 calories. 10 x 50 = 500 per week, that’s 3 kilograms per year!
  5. Be involved- Whether it’s with your kids life, friends life, families life or your pets life. Get active with those who are active around you and just stop making excuses. There is no excuse for not being involved with those around you. You are a human after-all?
  6. Time management- If you have 5 minutes then use it. Exercise and staying lean does not have to be a minimum of 20 minutes. Did our lean ancestry make a conscious effort to exercise for 20 minutes? No, but  they would work hard to chase an animal for 5, etc.
  7. Choose the right workout- Resistance training is a must and helps us keep the fat off. Do you want to be a fat burning machine? Then incorporate this weekly.
  8. Variety- If you like dancing then dance, if you like walking then walk. Do what you like most and add resistance weekly.
  9. Exercise portion control and not total control- To maintain being lean there are no good and bad foods and this is a poor way of looking at food  and life. Think of food as an item you can have and just control it within reason. Otherwise you punish yourself with guilt and negativity when you enjoy a luxury and no-one is perfect.
  10. Just do it- When your on holidays, on the dance floor, doing a session, playing with your kids. Give 100% and Just do it!

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