18 ways to stay lean and drop size over winter- Part 2

Wow is it cold or what?

I don’t normally feel the cold but these last couple of days have been unreal. One way to keep warm is to exercise as it is a great way to regulate body temperature. Exercise also allows you to work off some of those negative cold feelings and keep up your natural tan over winter. That is my first tip and here are the remaining 8 ways to keep lean over winter.

  1. Limit your alcohol- You have heard all the reasons, so just keep an eye on this and ensure 2-3 days off a week. Extra exercise for extra drinking!
  2. Eat at home- Try cooking nights or alternating who cooks. You could even have your very own winter household master chef. Your family can vote and there can be a prize. Most importantly make meal times fun and a great time to catch up with friends and family.
  3. Be prepared- With the above tip you could have a weekly meal plan. I.e monday is Dions pasta night. Tuesday’s is Kristy’s fish night. This will help you be prepared and have a plan for the month. You can then make shopping lists easily and have enough for left overs the next day. Again it is a fun way to be well prepared and in my opinion preparation is KEY.
  4. Smaller dishs- When at an outing like a Football BBQ or weekend get together use smaller dish sizes. The brain see’s food on the plate and naturally wants to try it. When getting seconds, always have a little bit of everything and not just the Lasagna or dish you enjoyed most! Remember the ‘eat water’ tip from part 1.
  5. 80-20 Rule- One of my favourite tips for healthy lifestyle habits is eating to a plan Monday to Friday (for instance) and then eating healthily over the weekend but not to a plan. We are very well programmed when in a routine and one of the biggest reasons people choose poor options is because we work late or something interrupts us during the week. We have little time left and even less energy to think of what to eat. This is a trap fat loss clients must avoid and simply having a plan will help you avoid this dilemna.
  6. One day off is ok- Lots of times in winter we miss a session and then miss a week and then a fornight…. you get the drift. By having a positive goal over winter is also very important, I.e “I will lose one kilo to keep in my sexy dress for my friends 40th on August 21”. This is far more effective when compared to a typical goal of “I don’t want to put weight on over winter”. In short, we get what we focus on and the second goal was an example of focussing on weight gain, so make your winter goal a positive goal.
  7. Do 10 minutes extra- Extra food equals extra work. If you are not prepared to do the extra then don’t eat extra, otherwise add an extra 10 minutes of activity like playing with the kids, pets, gardening to equal out that extra helping.
  8. Support- Have a council of people that can help you. Group training is a low cost way to do this where you will gain accountability and motivation and this is what the doctor ordered for winter time. Follow this link to register your interest

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