18 ways to stay lean or drop a size over winter

Hello and welcome to winter!

It’s official, winter is here and that could mean less activity, more inside time and you know what that means….. More time for you and your kitchen to get reacquainted (after all the summer outings are over and naturally you may feel the need to show your cupboards some TLC 🙂

Now this may be the case, but it’s pretty simple to maintain good health and your waistline over winter by following these 18 tips. Last week our training team looked at the common causes to weight gain over winter and thought you would appreciate a point in the right direction.

  1. Time your meals. Meal timing is important and allows you to be prepared and clear your mind from thinking of food once you are satisfied.
  2. Sleep more. Get good amounts of rest to be able to regulate helpful hormone leptin which helps regulate metabolism.
  3. Stock up on veggies- Soups and stocks as well as meat and 3 winter veg are all cold weather meals and a great way to get more veg into you.
  4. Eat water- If you are craving more eat water. Foods that contain water are soups, salads, and fruit, as they will fill you up and act to shrink your stomach.
  5. Eyeball your skinny clothes- A powerful motivator is to still dress in your skinny summer clothes and have regular fortnightly try outs to keep you on track.
  6. Whole grains- Contain essential vitamins and minerals for good health so think nutrient rich and not sugar rich!
  7. Skip the bacon- keep to low fat options and keep conscious of what you are eating.
  8. Sip smart- Juices and other sugary drinks add up to large amounts of unneeded calories. Did you know you can eat 10 oranges and obtain necessary fibre compared to having one glass of OJ!
  9. Make appointments with Viva and keep them…. Come on the way home from work and stick to your regular plan. For strength clients this is the peak season and for fat loss clients this is a great time to shape up for summer, by using the club and many services we offer. Make the most of winter programs and seminars that are run to maintain your motivation and enjoy the social aspect of the club.

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Stay tuned for part 2.

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