7 Tips for women wanting weight loss and a tone stomach

Hi Women of Viva and the local broader community!

This article is simple yet effective, as like most of you, I believe a toned tummy is extremely sexy. You will not here any arguments from me about wanting to tighten this area. It’s my favourite section on a woman and I would love to help you create the stomach you deserve.

  1. Improve your posture- Simply drawing your soldiers back and standing taller, whilst smiling a little more will help you in this area. The way you wear yourself can dramatically change your appearance and be careful about negative posture as it can hurt the way you look. Posture can be tricky but with a bit of help and the right advice we can have you looking slender in no time.Let me help you
  2. Whole Body- Work the body as a whole and not just focus on the mid section. You will burn more calories and also improve your posture and function, which will do wonders for your belly. Whole body workouts give you an amazing feeling of wellbeing and really work.
  3. Examine your diet- Rationalizing with yourself as to why you can eat things like chocolate and sweets on a daily basis will make you fat so ‘Don’t Do It’. Get a grip of your self and your rationale and get realistic. Models on front covers were earned and not gifted for 95% of people, so respect that,  admire it and make it happen for yourself.
  4. Rotation- Lots of gym programs consist of the same boring exercises that are not very functional and not very awkward, but in real life moving is awkward and we need to train that way. Rotating up to 360 degrees will get you learning quicker and the best part is, your core has to be involved! Now this is not for beginners so click the link above and we will help you. Otherwise try the Russian twist or alternating leg extensions. Try to avoid lateral flexion exercises, as these exercises put size on your sides. I.e. standing with a dumbbell and tilting to one side is great if you want to look like a back line Rugby player!
  5. Awareness- This is a skill that needs to be developed. Use your core daily when sitting, standing and working. Switch it on and watch the results.
  6. Realistic- I mentioned earlier that models etc work hard. Some  also  are genetically gifted and hence why I suggested 95%. Beyonce has great abs but for some of us it just won’t happen so be realistic about your shape. However, do not just accept your rationale of this as I bet we can make you better!
  7. Celebration- Be patient. When you work hard and make a physical change ensure you celebrate it and enjoy the small wins. A night out with friends or a sexy night out with your partner (where you both get to celebrate your new abs) is great for everyone and is needed as that’s what life is all about!

Make the 7 tips work for you today

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