chicken & lemongrass on parade

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

Canola oil
1/2 eggplant, cut into 5mm-thick slices
1 zucchini, cut into 5mm-thick slices
1 red capsicum, cut into eighths, core and seeds removed
2 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise
1 tablespoon tomato chutney
1 crusty baguette
Couple of lettuce leaves
30 g feta cheese

1. Lightly brush the vegetables with canola oil. On a ribbed grill plate, grill the vegetables
evenly on both sides until tender but not mushy. Lay on a cooling rack as vegetables come off
the grill plate.

2. Mix the mayonnaise and tomato chutney together in a bowl. Cut baguette lengthways but
not all the way through. Place a layer of lettuce along the baguette. Spread a thin layer of
tomato mayo over the lettuce. This will stop the baguette from going soggy.

3. Place thin layers of eggplant, zucchini and red capsicum along the baguette. Crumble over
the feta cheese and close up. Cut in half and wrap in parchment paper to hold shape. Don’t wrap in plastic wrap as it will cause the baguette to become soft and lose its crunch.

Nutritional analysis (per serve):
energy 718kj, fat 7.17g, protein 5.68g, carb 19.5g, fibre 2.9g

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