Drop weight and eliminate cravings with acupressure

6 points on your body you can press to help eliminate cravings and lose weight

 If you’ve tried losing weight, you know that it can help you find stress. And this is something no one wants. Dieting doesn’t help because you restrict your intake, fight natural urges, and just get more stressed out. Instead out upping stress, just put the pressure on.

Put the pressure on yourself, with these 6 acupressure points that will help control your cravings, as well as control your stress. Controlling stress is very important when trying to lose weight because increased stress can lead to emotional eating – or binge eating.

Some people call it “Eating My Feelings,” which helps to build a positive association with feelings of negativity. So stop eating your feelings, and feel around for these particular pressure points that will help you with stress and weight control.

The 6 Best Pressure Points To Control Stress and Weight


  1. First, massage the area. This increases blood flow to the area as well as loosening the muscles that may be over-stressed.
  2. After you’ve massaged, apply pressure with one or two fingers, or using your palm or the side of your hand.
  3. End with another light massage.

If you find a point on one side of your body, make sure to find the same pressure point on the other side. This increases the chances of efficacy.

1. Abdomen Point

abdomen point

Found an inch (or 2 fingers) below the belly button (Ren 6 in the image), the abdomen point focuses on the digestive system, enhancing its function and giving your body and immune system strength. It also reduces constipation.

  1. Place two of your fingers on it and massage.
  2. Then apply consistent pressure on this point for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Do this twice daily.

2. Abdominal Sorrow Point

abdominal sorrow point

Under the last rib on both sides, 4 fingers from your solar plexus, you’ll find the Abdominal Sorrow Point which, when massaged and pressed, relieves indigestion, ulcers, rib pain, and helps balance your appetite.

  1. Curve your fingers just under your ribs and in-line with your earlobes to activate this spot.
  2. Massage and apply pressure for 5 minutes a day to help with stress and weight control.

3. Ear Point

ear point

  1. Place your finger against your jaw and move your jaw up and down.
  2. The point with the most movement is the ear point; now calm your jaw and press for a minute.
  3. This will help control your appetite and ease the stress associated with back and neck pain.

4. Knee Point

knee point

2 inches below your kneecap, on the outside of your leg you will find the Knee Point. If the muscle moves under your finger when you flex your foot, you’ve found the right spot. Start with a massage, then press this spot for 2 minutes.

Activating this pressure point will improve digestion and “nourish your blood.” Massage and press every day and you’ll start to notice the changes in your body.

5. Elbow point

elbow point

On the inside of your elbow and the side closest to your ribs you’ll find the elbow point, which stimulates intestinal function and helps to remove excess heat and unwanted moisture from your body.

  1. Press this point for a minute every day, using your thumb to apply enough pressure.

6. Ankle Point

ankle point

2 inches above your ankle, on the inside of your leg and just off the bone you’ll find the Ankle Point. Stimulating this spot will help your digestive system, helping you metabolize your meals.

  1. Apply pressure for a minute with your thumb or knuckle and release slowly.
  2. Do this daily.

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