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The PUSH way states, ‘you must progressively intensify each workout through various overload techniques’!

Here below are advanced lifting methods to stimulate serious muscle and can aid in burning off those chicken thigh filets ladies, so it’s not just for men! If you are a female and want lean up and have a sexy athletic appearance then try strip setting, super setting and compound setting.

If you are a man who wants to build ‘roar’ strength then give failure and negative reps a go.

Most importantly you must earn the right to use these techniques through good form, a good program and at least 6-12 months training age or training maturity! If in doubt ask your push trainer.

Compound Setting- is where we use one muscle group followed with another exercise of same muscle group to reach fatigue and recruit more muscle.

Super Setting- Is only used to keep workout flowing to get a greater heart rate and burn more fat. I.e. chest/ back super-setting opposing muscle groups.


Strip Setting- Involves dropping the weight back once fatigued and pushing out more reps to recruit more muscle and completely fatigue. This should be done at the end of muscle group.


Failure- Is reaching concentric failure, forcing out 2-3 reps with a spotter. You may then use partials to complete the set.


Negatives- Is getting the client to lower the weight on the eccentric phase slowly and a spotter helps lift on the concentric phase.

Muscle building, strength building.


Isometric holds- are getting the client to statically contract the muscle at the end of exercise to complete the set.

Happy stimulating!

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