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Out Of The Gym- Lockleys and Fulham Linear Park

For 80% of the population, it’s not that we don’t have the time it’s the fact that we simply don’t make the effort!

But can we afford not to? Stats tell us no way! Recent research at the exercise sports science Australia conference in 2016 proved that in 2014/15 showed that double a number of people died from fitness related deaths compared to the combined total of those passing due to high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes-related illnesses. That’s Huge and makes it official more people are dying from not being fit than anything else!

So here is another idea of how to get active locally…

A minute away from Viva is Linear Park…

You can follow Linear Park from Lockley’s to Fulham Gardens all the way to the city and back

Can you recall taking the time out to go for a walk or to experience some of the beautiful surrounds in our local area? Did you perhaps ask yourself why haven’t I made the time to do this more often? Or perhaps tell yourself I need to do more of this?

Well, I have and that’s why this plays on the back of my mind to get outside on the weekends. In my case, I love to get out with the kids or with the dogs for a run and use Linear Park for all sorts of different exercise and activity.

So what can you do on a beautiful river? Here is a favorite of mine.

The ‘playground workout’

out of the gym fulham

As mentioned in previous blogs I’d try to replicate the movements I would normally perform in my gym workout and personally, this would be more of an upper body day for me.

Try this for 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps

Use the playground slippery dip to get underneath and perform a body weight row (upper back and arms)

Alternate with a Push Up

You can do Chin Ups if able or 1 arm Body Weight Rows.

Try Dips on a bench and use the swings for Triceps Extensions. If you have done some training with your coach then we can easily modify your plan to work outdoors.

All of these exercises are on our ‘Ultimate Body Blitz’ website with videos and instruction on how to perform.

Option 2- Game Play

When I was a kid are used to go down to the football oval and kick goals. I would kick the footy, sprint after it and then walk back to kick another goal and repeat.  It’s a bit of fun so why not do this with the kids and make it a family affair?

You could also do this with the dog by throwing a ball and then racing together. Obviously, you may not keep up, but its fun all the same and very rewarding to be with those that you love whilst exercising

So what will you do? Will you get outdoors and get creative? Will you try to be a fitter and healthier version of who you are today? I say go for it!

Soak in the fresh air, enjoy the trees, the water, the birdlife, and surrounds and get away from the noise, your desk and technology. Tell yourself “If it’s going to be it’s up to me” and make it happen!

Fulham Gardens

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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