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Out of the Gym, Run and Exercise out of Henley Gym

Take a run outside a Henley Gym

It would be silly for me to say that coming to Viva Fitness is the only way to get fit and healthy if your looking for a Henley Gym!

The fact is Viva Fitness is a catalyst, (much like breakfast which is so powerful on starting a great day) as it starts you off on the right path towards the goal that you have in mind.

But sometimes we are stuck for time, want to go outdoors or perhaps find yourself with an opportunity!

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the gym and exercise in the sunshine with the sand underfoot. Adelaide has some wonderful beaches and right next door to us here at Kidman Park is Henley Beach, Grange, Tennyson etc, which all provide nice sandy beaches with some quiet spots for you to get a little bit of privacy, whilst working out.

Exercise Henley Beach

So what are your options down at the beach you ask? Well, there are tons of options available to you and my next blog will list some of my favourites.

Obviously, there is running, walking, stretching and yoga poses if you are outside of the Henley Gym. However, for best  effectiveness try  to mimic or replicate a workout that you are already familiar with, as it will probably be safer as well as more effective.

henley gym

This means that if you are following a full body program, for example, with squats, chin-ups, bench press and lunges then you could quite easily perform this style of session down at the beach with minimal apparatus. This way you are still practising those movements and getting a great workout. This will be very beneficial as hopefully, you can then get into the gym in the 2-5 days to perform a loaded variation of this program, which will then be far more likely to have progressed  (since the last gym session) due to the fact that you have practised these movement patterns. Simply bump up the reps for the Squats and perhaps jump or hold the bottom position to add intensity, perform a Push up instead of a Bench Press and try walking lunges in the soft sand instead of a normal lunge. Chin Ups can be swapped for a superman if you know how or find a rock with some weight to it and perform overhead soccer throws with straight arms to hit the lats!

The fact is sometimes we all need a break from our current program and getting out and performing a variation can do wonders for the body and the mind. Re-energising your motivation and focus is important, and hopefully, on facing the next gym session you will feel renewed vigour and energy to really hit the gym and make progress with your fitness gains. Say you do hit the gym and your squats are up and you do an extra 2 chin-ups well right there you yourself have created positive feedback in a world swamped with criticism…. you solely have created your own positive reinforcement and are left with feelings of self-accomplishment, confidence, and positivity! When you focus on performance and not the scales then this is how you can feel upon each session!  Who wouldn’t want that?

So next time you’re stuck for ideas,  will you take hold of your fitness? Perhaps you won’t and be left with feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiousness…. Or perhaps you will cease the moment! Perhaps your visiting the beach with the kids or perhaps  you only have 20 minutes after visiting a friend close by and decide to get to the beach and exercise your inner animal and feel the freedom of no constraints for 20 minutes of your day!… You perhaps will make it happen and manage ‘something instead of nothing’ and feel Empowered, Alive and Free!

This friends is living in the moment and this is what I and Viva  mean by ‘Making it Happen’!

Yours in life and making it happen!



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