Here’s a gift to ExtraOrdinary Living Part 2

I learned earlier this year in a national life coaching workshop, the following framework to achieve the top 5 points of living an extraordinary life.

This is called the simple 6 and if you start this today i guarantee in a weeks time your happiness will have raised a notch. if you would like this then let me empower you to act!

Get Real

  1. We live on a… great planet with great people. you don’t have to like them all but accept we are a,all different in our own ways.
  2. Things are never… as bad as you think
  3. Your issues are… rarely unique
  4. There are no shortcuts… to happiness and success. earn yours!
  5. God is… fair

Get Busy

Stop procrastinating! Life goes on, take advantage of every second. get comfy with good enough!

Get Over IT

Amend- I’m sorry

Forgive- Don’t forget but release the anguish for future instances


Do this even if the other person DOES NOT. This is important for pour own mental health in the process of moving on.

BE Yourself

There is …no one else like you!

You have…a part to play

If YOU don;don’t play it…. No-one will!

know your strengths and ( I.e. your look, attitude, compassion, technical skills) and AMPLIFY them. This is why you have them!

BE Brave

What is the BRAVEST thing you have ever done?


This year?

What brave things will you do?

Go bungy- Nothing much seems difficult after that! 🙂

If someone has a nice smile- be brave and tell them. You feel great and so do they!

BE Generous

5 t’s to use and use and use and use and use and ‘you get the picture’.

Time-  to help others

Talent- To share with others

Talk- Share ‘nice’ conversations

Treasure- special moments you help create for others

Touch- people in a deep and meaningful sense.

Finally, find the positives in others and bring to the surface. You can never do this enough and you grow in your own self when you do. This is not being a good person this is simply being human!

There is no secret sauce!

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