Are you learning from your mistakes?

If I was to ask you, “how would you rate your efforts out of ten, towards your current fitness goal”, what would you say?

The last thing you want is to go backwards over winter isn’t it? So ask yourself this question now.

Now ask yourself “what is the number you are going to achieve this week and how?” i.e I was 7 and this week and i aim for 8 by having a productive boxing camp with our‘Warrior Team’. (known as the knockout program)

We have 4 guys competing in September and October and I personally am taking these guys down to our getaway on the Yorke peninsula for  a weekend of fun filled ‘pain’ to get the body and mind ready for their event. It’s a huge effort to go to this level and compete in a ‘mma’ event or a ‘masters boxing tournament’, so getting your head right for the program is an absolute must. Not only will we train in fitness, skills and strength (using a parquor style program through my personal obstacle course i have set up which asks you t utilise movements like our ancestors and behave like an animal) but we also will perform some mindset exercises to find out what prevents us from moving forward and crushing the barriers we put around us and further success. Are you aware that you have such fears and until you face up to them (like Christian Bale did in Batman, where he faced up to the darkness of his past in the chinese temple) you too could be simply settling for less in fitness and in life? So i ask you one very deep and meaningful question. Some of you will not answer, some of you will laugh and some of you aren’t even reading this. But those who do… Those who seriously stop and think about this and become aware of past mistakes and take ownership and learn from them, I promise you, that you will start to move forward towards another behaviour and will open up a new world of possibilities. The question is are you humble enough to answer this honestly…..

Why are you where you are in life? What has stopped you from further successes?

We do an extended exercise on this and let me tell you it touches you to the core so please answer truthfully.

“In order to get what we have never had, we must do what we have never done!”

Join me next week at Viva for more on the world of positive psychology, success and fitness.

Make ‘life’ happen


Member Appreciation Day July 20th It’s on again at Viva this month!

9am – Learn How to Run Program

Get ready for the city to bay and join the team in day one of the training program! Starting at 9am you will learn;

  • Pre-requisites are for injury free running
  • Effective warm ups
  • Running stride technique
  • A program to suit you from beginner to advanced based on meeting the criteria
  • How having a goal such as this is a great motivator and ‘summer body preparation technique’

Dion Mychalyn is not only Viva Fitness partner and Head Trainer but is also the PUSH_ Training System Founder and the trainer of trainers! Join him for an hour and a half of knowledge in running FREE!

9am – Group Fitness: ‘Bring a Friend FREE’

Group Fitness 6 in 1  Mega Classes starts at 8.05 am RPM  9BP, BS,BA ,BC, BB

1045am – Fun with Food Seminar

Come and grab some cheap eats! Plus… How can you get the results to show and enjoy meal times?

12pm- Strength Training Workshop: ‘The Ultimate Butt Shaping Exercises’

Join us in the gym to learn why the glutes are so important to train correctly for more than just aesthetics but performance and running!

8-12 – Kids Club

Gecko kids classes at from 9-30 to 11-30, face painting all day and sausage sizzle for the kids.

9-1 – Local Business Stalls – Supplements – Massage Trials

Look out for our ‘one day only supplement sale and massage sale for those tired muscles and cramps’ and try some on the day!

The day is specifically for you our members and everyone who brings a mate down on the day gets two entries into the $100 Myers referral draw!

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


Making fitness a habit isn’t easy, but Viva makes it a whole lot more fun! Try our 10-Day free trial and find your fitness solution!


“Inspiring you to live YOUR best life”

Your Family here at Viva Fitness are constantly striving to improve and exceed your personal expectations in creating an enjoyable lifestyle. Through our professional and passionate team, together we will ‘make it happen’…

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