Local Gym Owner and Coach, Dion Shares 3 Tips on Fat Loss

Local Gym Owner and Coach, Dion Shares 3 Tips on Fat Loss

Are you finding yourself hungry in the afternoons?

Well most people do. Now what can you do about it, so you have more energy and better focus during your day? Plus help with old jelly belly… Local Gym Owner Dion, shares top tips that have had his clients in their best shapes time and time again!

Here are 3 tips to help you beat dad bod:

  1. Protein at breakfast!

Yes scrap your coffee on the run. Lost your bull%$#@ breakfast cereal that apparently keeps you healthy and eat a steak! Yes a steak or chicken patties or eggs and salmon and not only will it make you feel manlier you will boost your energy levels all day long. According to countless amounts of research by having high protein and fat, as in my examples above, you will set your neurotransmitters up (the things that make you focussed and happy) for the whole day by eating a solid breakfast.

  1. Have more meals and less snacks

When you skip meals and have small snacks that don’t leave you satiated, research tells us you tend to overeat at your next meal or at night time. At night most are not active, so we generally don’t need all these extra calories.

  1. If you’re going to snack then snack wise. Charles Poliquin is a guru in the health and fitness industry and here are a list of his go to snack options

“Proper planning is still the key. I prefer to reserve shakes just for post workout nutrition. When I cannot get access to solid food or a blender, I use these products for convenience purposes”: Says Charles.

  1. Celery sticks with a nut butter to fill to the hollow portion. My favourites being cashew or macadamia butter.
  2. Meat jerky. I also use buffalo, beef, and turkey, or a mixture of the given above meats.
  3. Celery with goat cheese.
  4. Canned sardines packed in olive oil.
  5. Tuna can with tomato
  6. Protein smoothie with frozen berries
  7. Turkey or roast beef slices rolled into dark greens, a.k.a. high protein roll-ups. Kale or spinach, provides a more pleasant taste to the palate and of course fibre.
  8. Halloumi cheese and olives.
  9. Hard boiled eggs and cashews.

Give these tips a go and kniow that your going to improve your day and your jelly belly.

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