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How to make your kids fit and healthy

Today 20-25% of Australian kids are overweight or obese with some population being over 60%.

It is important to understand that as parents research suggests, as well as my own experiences with myself and hundreds of clients that healthy habits start from birth.

  1. Promote healthy eating and education in your home.
  2. get familiar with  the 5 foods groups and necessary portions.
  3. make a distinction between ‘everyday’ food and ‘sometimes’ food.
  4. Establish healthy eating routines with 5-6 meals per day.
  5. Encourage, compliment and acknowledge when your kids eat well and choose the right foods.
  6. Be active daily.
  7. Enjoy activity as a family. I educate clients to plan holidays around exercise and not the other way around. you always feel great when you get active and that helps with the ‘reward’ foods when on holidays.
  8. limit low activity past-times like dvd’s etc. make rules here and stick to them. This was a reward and not a daily practice in my house and I am thankful for that today!
  9. Avoid drawing attention to your child’s weight.
  10. lead by example. lead by example. lead by example….

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