Motivate your strength or toning goals!


“How do I motivate myself when I have the want, but today I need more?”

Not a lot of time? Check out this video for an overview 

So now you know that the number one tool for motivation is to know what

you are working towards well now let’s look at how we can apply different motivational strategies. Remember we all are motivated differently either towards a goal (want) or away from a scare (fear).

Here are the top ten motivational strategies that we as

PUSH_ Trainers use and the key is when to apply them:

Fear: Motivates you from losing or personal defeat, i.e.. you don’t want to be called a weight gain client? Or, I will not get bad news from the doctor again?

Visualization: Paint yourself a picture of you achieving your burning desire or maintaining it! I will wear my black dress to the next Viva Party (at Zootz 27th March by the way!)

Positive affirmations: This gives you the strength by practicing positive self talk. At first you might feel like it is fake so practice it everyday with passion as if you are convincing your boss and a new habit of belief will form, i.e.. I am a strong independent and likeable woman.

Coax: This is the most basic and over utilized form of motivation. This is basically what a poor trainer relies on as they are uneducated in what drives people. But put that aside when the going gets tough and you have already established a firm belief in what you are doing today; coaxing has its place, i.e.. keep going, you’re doing great, nearly there, etc.

Urge: This is where you  (or a trainer) urge yourself to do more, i.e Dion I need you to do one more round! Take on some visualization for best results, i.e.. Dion you have 5 more minutes I need you to keep going! 5 more minutes will show the others you lead by example! YOU make it happen and they can see that.

Recognize achievements/ Enthusiasm:  This is where you recognize what you have done to get here. This is commonly used at the commencement of a session, i.e.. next time you say to yourself I feel down today and I’m just happy to be here try rewording it like this… So i felt flat today, yes, but now that I am here I am going to walk out of here feeling great, let’s see what I can do!

Focus on the goal: This is simply practicing what you have listed as your burning desire, i.e.. 5 kilos for the black dress is what I want! This is basically working on the want principle and is opposite to fear as you are working towards this.

Want to know what to work towards check out this article

Role models: Think of someone who is inspirational to you. Ask yourself what would Angelina do? Or what would that little kid do who never had the chance to walk?

Quotes: Use a quote that motivates you and gets you going when it gets tough. My 3 favorites as I am sure you all know by now are:

1.       Choose your attitude. (when I start deflating myself, i.e.. This is hard- Shut-up and Choose your attitude!)

2.       Walk the walk- Forget the talk. (The time for talk is over! That’s what we are doing now but when you enter that group fitness room it’s time to…. Walk the walk my friends!)

3.       My all i.e. favorite- Nobody and nothing stand in my way! Nothing and Nobody!

Set a target: Break down the goal to bite six chunks, i.e.. today we are doing 20 minutes of intervals. Break it down to four rounds of 5 minutes for your own mental stimulation.

TRY THIS (my personal motivation strategy)

Round 1 is where you find your rhythm.

This is where you focus on technique, breathing the way it feels, that you are now exercising and not on the computer etc.

Round 2               Visualization

Round 3               Positive affirmations

Round 4               Coax

So there you have the PUSH_ Top 10 motivational strategies and let me tell you that they will not work unless you do step one and find that fear or want. From there on you can build on it as you have that driving force like an Olympic runner who wants nothing more to be on the podium in 4 years time.

What is your podium moment?

Don’t lose sight of this EVER….

You can do it and if feel you are struggling

and I will arrange a PUSH_ trainer to take you on your journey and

guarantee success!

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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