Why You MUST Drink Water? Part 1

This article will get you drinking!!!

·        Water facilitates gas diffusion, nutrient transfer, waste elimination, stabilizes body temp, lubricates joints, and gives body tissues structure and form.

·        2.5 litre’s is needed each day for sedentary adult, but if they exercise or the weather is hot this dramatically increases.

·        Water intake:

Fluid- average person consumes 1200ml water per day. This increases in obviously different conditions, exercise. The thirst response lags behind the body’s need for water. 2L of water is recommended daily to reduce strain on kidneys and more if exercising.

Foods- Most foods contain water, fruit and vegetables contain the most.

Metabolism- when food is broken down to resynthisize ATP, water is an end product, providing approximately 350 ml a day.

·        Water Output:

Urine- Normal daily amount is 1000-1500ml, the body must excrete this to remove metabolic by products.

Skin- Even during moderate temp and no exercise the skin still loses a small amount of water, 850ml day. Exercise up to a Litre per hour.

Lungs- Water vapour in exhaled air, 250-350ml a day. Exercise will increase this and so will cold, dry weather.

Faeces- 100-200 ml lost in this way.

So from here this is what needs to be done. Drink 1 litre per 25 kilograms of weight and 1 litre per hour of exercise. Some water does come from foods as you can see but remember if you dehydrate yourself with caffeine or being in a humid environment you will need more water!

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