Why You Need Water- Part 2

More and more research has been made available about the effects of chronic dehydration and chronic illness. With the body being made up of majority water isn’t it just common sense that you need to replace water in your body on a daily basis? Perhaps  not! Here is a list of symptoms that I found whilst resreaching various sites over the net along with could relate to chronic dehydration;

Extra Weight- We often overeat as a symptom of being dehydrated is hunger!

Lack of energy and fatigue


Eating Disorders


Low or Hi Blood Pressure

Gastritis/ Gastric Ulcers

Respiratory system problems and possibly asthma

Cholesterol- When dehydrated the body produces more cholesterol to stop tyhe cells from losing water


Improper acid- alkaline balance


If you would like to know more about this go to http://dehydration.net/2009/13-symptoms-of-chronic-dehydration/ as this site sums it up clearly!

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