Nutrition For Tight Muscles- Part 1

We all know the best way to build muscle is resistance training for an athlete right? But what about the nutrition component to ensure your goals are being met?

To put on muscle we need between 500 and 1000 calories ‘extra’ in our diet daily and that is why when we starve ourselves for fat loss programs, they don’t work. Muscle helps you burn fat so you need to replenish your energy to build muscle and burn fat! For a weight gaining client you need to eat more and should aim for 2-4 kilograms per month but this varies on training age and of course your fat stores you hold for your body to recruit. If your holding weight keep your extra calories at say 250 a week and monitor this increase.

Protein is essential as muscles are mostly protein so to build more muscle ensure you are getting enough protein and energy. Energy from fat and carbohydrates will not be enough for muscles to grow.

Timing is everything! At least 2 hours prior to your workout eat a solid protein meal consisting of say 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbohydrates. Perhaps baked beans whole grain toast and some low fat cheese could work  when lacking time? Recent research from the University of Texas showed that a medium sized protein shake 30 minutes prior to a workout proved positive results. Add another medium shake directly when you finish and then a meal after that at about 45 minutes post workout and you are in business. Follow this with another meal 2 hours after that. Your body will be pulling nutrients from the bloodstream post workout and you don;t want it to go looking so keep the bloodstream loaded and your muscles will become loaded!


3.30pm Baked Beans, soy lin toast, low fat cheese

5pm      50-50 protein carb shake

5.30       Train

6.20       1/3 protein, 2/3 carbo shake

7pm        Chicken rice and veg

9pm       200g yoghurt, 50gram organic ricotta and flaseed oil.Add some fruit, Honey if you wish!

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