The PUSH_ Body Transformation Program is the ultimate gym goers companion!

The site is designed to be your online personal trainer and we do everything in our power to get your results. We know that if you succeed you will be happy to continue getting the mentoring and if you don’t, you will stop! We monitor feedback via the forum, so that any frequently asked questions get answered and we even add videos detailing solutions to your questions. An example of this, is ‘Jim’ who was doing the program for 12 weeks, but wanted quicker fat loss in the first 4 weeks. We put together a 20 minute video coaching session on ‘5 fat loss tips for fast change’ immediately and the feedback was awesome.

Some of you may ask why I am personally qualified for this. I suppose I better list a few accomplishments… Starting as a personal trainer at a young age of 16 I went on and did a two year diploma in fitness in 2001 and 2. This set me up to learn more and my biggest attribute is that I have personally designed this program since 2002 and seen thousands of people change. I am a martial artist and an ex state Kickboxing Champion and have practiced consistently for 15 years. I have lectured at Tafe, and been on the health and fitness board in SA since 2002. I have licensed my own PUSH_ Training system to 10 health clubs across SA, where I train their trainers to implement personal training into a health club. Therefore I have trained over 250 Personal Trainers. Training my wife Kristy to win the Australian Figure model has certainly been a highlight of mine, as I learned training clients can be easy but training the woman who became my wife, well let’s say, that’s a little more difficult… Put it this way I learnt a lot about effective communication.

So what exactly do you get?

  • A fully designed meal plan for fat loss each week
  • 1000’s of recipes that are easy to understand with ingredients that are available to Australians and taste great
  • Exercise programs from beginners to advanced and those of you working out at home.
  • Weekly motivational videos to develop your mindset like an elite athlete. This will encourage the consistent commitment needed to get what you want
  • Weekly tips to add to your game plan to get you there
  • Weekly Educational Videos on fitness, nutrition, strength and health
  • An online forum where you can get specific advice towards your goal
  • New informational webinars once per month and new recipes, educational articles and videos added every week to the existing libraries
  • An easy to understand weekly program highlighting your week’s recipes, exercise, shopping list and motivational articles for the week. There is loads of info in the libraries, but this function will give you everything you need, for one week at a time.
  • Bonus content: The ‘Mindset Makeover’, which are the exact ‘life coaching exercises that PUSH_ Personal Trainers use in 1-1 training sessions. This is delivered in 30 minute video webinars where you can stop, pause and rewind so that you can perform the exercise comfortable at home. You will walk away with clarity of your goal and the exact areas you need to commit to in order to make your fitness goals happen.

We ask you do the program for a minimum of 12 weeks as that is a good time to see change and learn what works for you so you can cancel with two weeks’ notice any time after that.

There are hundreds of recipes, workouts, exercise videos, educational articles of well over 50 hours and if you look at a cost for just one hour with a trainer, as an average of $88 then then getting 50 hours of online personal training plus everything else would cost thousands. But for the cost of just 1 and half personal training sessions you get an online personal trainer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for only $7.97 per week which is amazing value.

As a bonus, there are prizes for the best results along the way courtesy of Flush Fitness supplements, like a years’ worth of protein, trips away and two night stays at intercontinental hotels. There is always a bonus for those who excel, so just add your before and after photos when we run a 12 week challenge, during the program. This runs 3 x per year, so it’s important to stay on board with the team to keep getting results and be in the draw at the end of the year, as we also have a prize for everyone who is active.
Getting started straight away is always exciting, so we have added bonus material to kick-start your plan straight away.

By joining now you will immediately receive

  • ‘Define your aim for health and fitness Video’
  • ‘Our Nutritionist tips for cleaning up your kitchen‘
  • Receive your ‘Motivational Makeover’ to start new thinking today
  • 5 Top Tips for Lasting Weight Loss E Book
  • 19 snack options for fat loss
  • 5 d’s of building an athletic body Video
  • ‘Planning a Winning Outcome and Defining What You Want’ Video exercise.

I can tell you this you will learn, grow and change if you do this program and I personally will do everything in my power to help make it happen and achieve the results you want through motivating you to be consistent and commit to being the best version of yourself today. Join Me by Clicking Join Now and receive your bonuses immediately to get started. A password will be sent upon your payment being validated. I really would like to help you and believe you will enjoy the PUSH Body Transformation.

Make It Happen
Dion Mychalyn



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