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So why does the PUSH_ Program work?

The fitness industry is not as simple as some may think! Like most industries ours is constantly striving to improve and new innovations are a daily occurrence. The thing about fitness is that everyone wants that ‘magic pill’ and of course there are thousands of money hungry scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs that are searching for such a pill. They spend thousands of  marketing dollars to make our industry ‘fitness professionals’, believe there product is such a pill and to use there ‘gimmicks’.

This raises another problem where our fitness professionals now need to decipher what is going to have a positive impact on their clients and what is a ‘fad’?

Pilates and Yoga have recently been deemed as fads according to the Ihrsa top 20 fitness trends but I believe everything has its place. (Even shaking your hips for 40 minutes from side to side).

Over the past 15 years I have seen many such innovations introduced, including but not limited to; Fit balls, bosu balls, Reebok slides, Dura-discs, thigh masters, abdominal crunch machines, yoga, kettle bells and various styles of medicine and water-balls, ropes, pilates, tai bo, various toning sticks, dyna bands and springs, Vipr, functional training principles, various dance classes, freeform boards, various cable systems, unlimited amounts of ‘wiz bang’ marketing about new machines from our industry equipment suppliers and of course the ever changing world group fitness.

The problem with this is that perhaps inexperienced trainers or less savvy fitness professionals, who do not dedicate themselves to analyzing the research and creating their own valid studies, just seem to go with the flow. Now I love to see our industry dabble and experiment with many different apparatus and training tools, don’t get me wrong,  but we are hired to ‘deliver results’ and there are certain principles that have been around for ten’s of years that we cannot just overlook in light of these new innovations.

Any appropriately planned change of program will bring ‘results’. The key is to progress the individual and apply appropriate stimulus for the body to adapt to, in a timely fashion.

The PUSH_ Program sticks to tried and tested training and most importantly allows the individual to experiment with new training equipment and deliver new results by sticking to ‘advanced training guidelines’ and latest research. It is also important to note that it is the system that get’s results and not the trainer. You can train with anyone and get a consistent, scientific approach to training that will look at under and overutilised muscle that are holding you back from functioning better. This makes you feel good and with this you start to look good, inside and out.

Techniques include self myofascial release, posture programming, a look at how you function from the core and importantly our 7 step training technique that progresses you from a beginner right through to an athlete. From stabilization, posture ‘repair’ and foundation exercises to get you stimulating the right muscles at the right time, before moving onto progressions that include more speed, power and strength to replicate your daily tasks.

Regardless of your lifestyle, everyone should experience the feeling of wellbeing and self satisfaction of being the best athlete they can be. Whether it is to keep up with the kids, garden with less pain, perform at your best, look sexy on your anniversary or special day, or get through your daily tasks with minimal fuss, by applying the protocols of the PUSH_ Program you will continually be challenged and supported to achieve your health and fitness goals in a safe and very effective format.

If you are just plodding along and not making the changes you want or perhaps need a plan that will keep you engaged and satisfied. It is time for you to trial a PUSH_Program today. Email

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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