The Secret To Growing Muscle- Part 4

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After the last 3 emails going on about muscle building, I have put together these short tips as a checklist for you to use with your own training. Send this to your friends as this vital information makes for a great program and lasting results. Simply put this is a wrap up on your strength routine!
Practical guidelines for resistance training programs for health status improvement. They are as follows:
1. Train for Life- The physical and mental health gains achieved from long term resistance training go beyond just building muscle and lasting results can be achieved from just one training session per week. Just do it!
2. Follow a program that utilize the larger muscle groups as they provide a structural basis for the preferred loading that is recommended for improvements in bone mass and mineral density. This will also contribute to higher energy expenditure during programs an therefore help facilitate weight management goals.
3. The PUSH_ System allows for motivating sessions so each workout follow our set format.
a. Warm up set- 6-8 repetitions of say 50% load to prepare the mind and body for what’s ahead
b. Potential Set- perform a set of the desired amount of repetitions but perform 2 less. If you are aiming for 100 kilo as last week you did 95 then perform a set at 95 and perform 2 less reps.
c. Failure set- Perform a set to failure and remember failure is when your techniques no longer is supporting the structure necessary to complete the exercise safely.
4. As with any effective exercise prescription, individualize the program, with a carefully planned, progressive overload. Are your doors swinging smoothly?
5. Incorporate a variety of exercises. In order to avoid the effects of over-training, muscle soreness, and injury. The PUSH_ Model allows you to progress to through phases and be stimulated by continual variety.
6. Take the time to learn the basics and correct performance techniques of the resistance exercises. It is not about how much you lift but how well you function.
7. Training demands of resistance training may be greater for beginners, and elderly individuals, due to the physiological challenges of the prescribed exercise, and the level of fitness of the individuals. Try longer rest periods between sets.
8. Multiple-joint exercises, such as push ups and squats, are more demanding than single-joint exercises, such as bicep curls and crunches. The amount of training days per week may need to be manipulated to provide adequate recovery (up to 48 hrs).
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