Why do skinny guys fail?

Why do the ‘skinny’ guys fail?
Your thinking makes it so and put simply ‘successful people have the habit of finishing what they started’. Hardgainers must learn from this and stay committed as it is due to these traits that will determine your overall success in anything in life even before you start!

Lack of desire- You will only get the results you truly desire to get. Don;t give up and cut the ‘cow poo’, Just do it or deal with allowing yourself to fail and not really wanting it! Enough said. How much do you want it? Do you want it enough that you will create a habit and stick with it, day in and day out? Eat, train, sleep, rest, week in and out!
“It’s motivation that gets us started but habit that keeps us going”!

Train smarter not harder- The term less is more is so important for hard gainers as often your metabolism as a hard gainer is already in overdrive and therefore training everyday is just too much. This is a great intention but focus on quality of training and not quantity! You grow outside of the gym remember so you must aim for 7 hours of sleep and even some powernaps on the weekend. Sleep is the best way for your bodies metabolism to slow down and for you to recover. You ca’t get enough when you are training like an athlete, especially the hardgainer.

No Overload Progression- If you are using the same weight over and over your body is not progressing.You must schedule in small progressions to each workout. One repetition goes a long way so each workout find a high point in each body part and plan on moving forward towards a realistic target.

Insufficient Diet- You have read what to do by now…. so do it! No excuses, you simply need more and remember calories are your best friend.

Lack of Hard-Work
On entering the gym I see more than 50% even perhaps 80% of the guys simply not working hard enough. They think they are but they are not. Mucking about with light weights ‘because apparently that gets you ripped and big’… so I am informed. I personally do not bother educating these guys because it is a waste of my time and I will walk up there next week and see the same thing. (instead I encourage a small change and play to their ego’s as that always seems to get a response from the majority of vain bodybuilders). These guys waste so much time on machines, talking to others and checking themselves out in the mirror rather than using a diary, planning progressions and staying in the zone for a 35 minute duration.

Persistence- That’s Too Hard!
‘Motivation get’s you started biut habit keeps you going’. Habits take time to create and results do too. The issue is most people lack the discipline to persist through plateau’s when the results begin to slowdown and haven’t found the desire to form a habit. Instead of training for just looks, think about your health, the future, the wayu you feel, the confidence you have gained and the way ypou will see yourself. These are motivators that you will fall back on when you persist in achieving the body you deserve.

Poor Training Knowledge
There is so much information out there that bodybuilders can access that unfortunately creates confusion about what training methods work. Put simple find a coach, the same way you would find a mechanic to fix your car or a doctor to fix your health. Do not mess around with here say in the gym room as trainers spend everyday with numerous clients trialling and testing training methods for different body-types and finding solutions to client needs. It’s what we do and PUSH_ Trainers undertsand this book and your body.
I love this information and emplore you to take this on board internally.
Get massive = get smarter first!

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