Winter Fitness Programs

Don’t be another statistic this year and go backwards this winter. Join our winter fitness programs and have fun whilst seeing change!

Did you know the average Australian packs on 2.5 kilo’s each winter.

Not on our watch! That’s why we have put together winter fitness programs starting with the ‘6 week shred’  from June 13th.

Look at how much fun we have learning new things, working with other like minded people ina  fun family environment.

Some of our members have said that they feel winter is actually the perfect time for them to focus on making some changes to their plan. This is in fact is a great time as most people have exactly that…. More time!

Less summer distractions are going on and more time can be put to healthy pastimes like fitness. Here are the details below

winter fitness programs

Simply contact us on 8353 55 33 or  send your details here and let’s chat to find out what your winter goal is and Make It happen!

Your’s in fitness

Laryssa Tarasenko

Warrior Princess

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