Woman’s Only Fitness Programs at Viva

 I wanted to share something I’m passionate about, which is woman’s only fitness. This to me, means to help woman achieve happiness inside and out!

Have you heard about our woman’s only fitness programs?
We know how hard it can be to find the time in our busy day’s to spend it on yourself. As a young mum I personally found it hard to battle with and this left me feeling guilty for taking some ‘me time’. But through this process, we learned that health and fitness is more than just going to the gym and in reality everything counts!
I believe It’s just about being aware and finding things you like. I mean if you don’t like it, you won’t do it, will you? learn more here where I explain woman’s fitness
This is why we have developed an online fitness program, so you can eat and train well, feel good and get awesome results anywhere around the globe!
And Guess What…. It’s Free to all Viva Members (Save 14.95 per week)
Yes. Free!
Here’s 3 things your going to love!
  • You can have your own program designed with videos and a personal plan to make it easier to train.
  • We have a ton of ‘Weekly Meal Plans’ including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks to feel confident in your plan.
  • Over 400 delicious and family friendly recipes that are easy to understand and even organised shopping lists.
Seriously this makes things so much easier when you are a busy mum! I know you are going to love it, so what do you need to do?
Simply reply to  kristy@vivafitness.com.au and we can set you up when in at the club!
Thanks Guys
Kristy Mychalyn
woman's only fitness
Passionate woman’s fitness coach

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