Why Do Most People Fail With Women’s Fitness?

So is women’s fitness different to men’s? Is there a special need for a different approach?

Women’s fitness is a subject we hear about all the time and frankly it’s rather obsurd to think woman need special exercises. Lets dig into it a little deeper and here are my first 3 reasons why women fail with fitness.

  1. They Do ‘Special’ Womens Exercises

Yes, women are not men, correct! Yes, woman don’t have the testosterone, which is the key anabolic hormone responsible to   build muscle but ‘No’ they do not need different training programs based on being a female.

Have you ever heard of building ‘long lean muscle’. Pffft, this is a massive gimmick that ‘fad’ exercise companies use to suck most women in. The sad part it works.  And women actually believe they need to do different exercises than men, as well as (with pink dumbells) do a relentless amount of cardio and eat lettuce leaves to look like a sports model. Not true. Women need muscle and need to train the big lifts, period. Want to see some toned Viva girls after working with me and the team of coaches click here.

2. They Exercise For Some External Reason

Maybe there is a wedding? Or you want to buy a new dress?  Well you better not eat anything and run 10 kilometres each day then…Wrong!

Yes, having a goal is great and can really boost your motivation but when you hit either a roadblock or the goal, then what? Unfortunatley the stats say that most people don’t finish what they start because they get overwhelmed byit all (see my next point) and for those who do hit a goal, they often go backwards. We need to create lifelong habits in tune with new, healthy, values and beliefs,  to improve our lives. You might want to be a better (more active) mum, or be good at a sport or skill like netball or kickboxing. Gee, we know exercise makes us enjoy life more because our body is our vehicle! So if our vehicle isn’t operating well, then  things aren’t that much fun. There is a better way , which is to fit in ‘me time’!

Life can be fun and fitness is a tool to provide that for your body. Try finding the positive outcomes in each session and get rewarded daily. This is far better than being solely focussed on hitting a magic number or fitting in that perfect dress just once (yes that does rock but there are so many more great experiences along the way). Trust me it will change your life and the life of those close to you.

3. Sweating The Small Stuff

I’m talking about the ‘final 10%’ type stuff. The tips and tricks. Like using cinnamon on everything, taking icy cold showers, using lemon juice or apple cider vinegar before meals to lower blood sugar response. Basically what I mean is – don’t focus on the ‘tweaking factors’ if you don’t have the big rocks (sleep, nutrition, training) in place!

What happens is you expect an instant change and let me give you the hot tip, it takes time! Nothing takes place of:

My advice is to start with the big rocks and create  just 1 healthy habit at a time. Perhaps it will take 21 days or 3 months. So what! If it is important like eating protein after training, doing regular weight training (3 x per week or more) or eating protein at each meal, keep at it until its a daily ritual not a chore! I explain women’s fitness here.

The results are worth it and your vehicle will carry you far further and you will be far happier!

Make It Happen

Kristy lee xx

women's fitness ambassador, Kristy Mychalyn, explain women's fitness

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