From Weight Loss Client To Group Fitness Champion- Meet Tara

Tara’s Journey.

My weight loss journey started 12 months after having my first child 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Post – Natal Depression and was overweight and very unhappy with myself. I decided instead of turning to food like I had been I would start excercising! Well, playing Netball and losing 20kgs (whilst also having another child) turned into me leaving my desk job in an office and starting work as a receptionist in a gym. Falling in love with the Fitness Industry and people, I decided to become a Personal Trainer so I could motivate others to feel the same success I felt.  5 years Ago I started training with my own trainer and have lost an extra 10kgs, have built on lean muscle and became a Group Fitness Instructor. Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor was a massive achievement for me as someone who suffered from bad anxiety and was very awkward in social situations. Now I Love It!!! After 5 years of strength training I was looking for a new goal and a new direction so started doing extra conditioning work. After I realised I absolutely loved conditioning and the accomplishment it gave me I decided to apply for the first ever Australian Ninja Warrior (Intense Obstacle Course built over water), and guess what I got in!!!!!  This will be the most mentally and physically taxing thing I have ever done in my life, but I’m excited to take on the challenge and see where I can take my body and my mine.


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