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Well Done Anthony!

Getting in the cage for a full combat fight is certainly a big deal and our frontline leader ‘Anthony Bynoe’ had been getting ready for this event, since his last bout in March. This was Anthony’s third professional bout and I had been helping him with his stand up kickboxing. Anthony is a great learner. He does question everything ‘yes’, but when something makes sense to him, he does everything he can to learn it, with the right timing and application.

Anthony’s training consisted of 6 days per week which included:

·         1 full body strength and power session. This includes all the large lifts like squats and presses, whilst also including jumps and throws as supersets for the strength lifts.

·         1 conditioning circuit made up of bodyweight exercises, ropes, bags and balls.

·         1 weekly heavy sparring session. This had Anthony compete weekly against others getting ready for the bout and he actually would do 3 x minute rounds with a fresh person every minute. Gruelling!!!

·         1 Boxing session learning skills and techniques

·         1 Jujitsu session

·         1 wrestling session

·         1 kickboxing session

This was the plan and it did vary week form week but that’s normal to cater for injuries, recovery and general life. However ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’!

Anthony performed sensationally looking very comfortable as well as composed and got a first round victory, after landing a well-timed right hand to the jaw of his opponent and then devastating him with a right body, shot which caused his opponent to buckle and not go on.

We look forward to getting Anthony ready for his next bout in March 2014 and will be paying close attention to his boxing defence, through movement drills and speed work. This will see him even more comfortable fighting on his feet, whilst he will work with his jujitsu coach and complete another grading.

For those of you who have not seen a cage event at ‘the powerhouse’ (home of the 36er’s) I highly recommend it as it is run extremely professionally with great music, food, beverage, security and is an awesome venue which attracts a much better crowd than the fight scene in hotels.

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