What’s Your Aim?

I want to bring something to your attention today and that is….  In just a few short minutes I would like to coach you to see where you are at in 2013 and then I will share with you some interesting topics on health, lifestyle, fat loss and building lean muscle.

Firstly what is you aim in health and fitness? Heard this before? Well I continually ask this question as in my opinion and after helping thousands of people over the past 14 years, I believe that this will make and break you in achieving what you want. An aim is a philosophy, a vision statement and something you live by. It is not a goal nor does it have a deadline. My personal aim in the health and fitness part of my life is “I can”! This means if you ask me to play tennis, I say yes, if you ask to go for a run, I say sure and if you say lets squat the house down, I am in! You see directions like this drives your goals and if you only plan to achieve your goals then what happens to the health and fitness part of your life, once you do? Ask yourself why you train? If that doesn’t work ask yourself, ‘what don’t you want in your fitness and for your body’? This way you will get a pretty clear picture of the reasons why you exercise. Often they are:

  • look good
  • feel good
  • have energy through the day and feel outgoing
  • release stress and tension
  • feel strong and confident

From this, you can derive your aim. Your aim should be catchy and short. I.e. ‘To be sexy’ or ‘To be a better version of me’. These are great aims and from this you can then work out what is holding you back from achieving this 100% and then set yourself some goals for the year ahead. PUSH_ Trainers ask this to clients weekly as it works and weekly so should you. Ask yourself on a scale between 1-10 where you rate your efforts towards your aim and then set a goal to grow that number or at least maintain it, in trying times.

Now its 1 months into 2013, so how is your new years resolutions going? By now you should be well on your way and if you are not and don’t make some changes today, the likelihood of you succeeding is very small. Like less than a 7% chance! Now take this on board and do SOMETHING with it and you could turn this around.So what will you start doing today to make this week better than last? (Seriously ask yourself this question and then put a note in your Email calendar to ask yourself that every week- set a recurrence- and be amazed by what this kind of focus can have on your goals)

Things don’t just happen.  You need to make it happen and if ‘Nothing changes- Nothing Changes”!

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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