Zen Practices part 2!

The following is part 2 to my summary of ‘the art of Zen’. see part 1 here.

Mind like water- I personally translate the ’empty mind’ concept to seeing the ‘big picture’. in the pond analogy it is clear that often humans get lost in detail and take the eye off of the task or goal at hand. in a forest do not focus on one tree but see the tree is the forest!

To have a mind like water means seeing a still pond and the reflection within it. It is perfect, exact, but what happens when a pebble is thrown in it? The interpretation for us is that the pond is the ‘mind’ and the pebble is a ‘thought’. If the mind is not strong then the pebble can break the mind. Intentions are great but actions count! What picture are you painting for yourself in 2011 and what behaviors will you practice to make it happen?

It is said by Sun Tsu ( an ancient Chinese military general and thought to be the author of the well renowned book, the art of war) that a warrior must be able to achieve Zen by removing ones self or attachment to self. This means to be willing to possibly die and let go. This is a state of zen as when you think of self you create fear!

Think of the above statement and an athlete who was told they were in the ‘zone’. The played there ‘heart-out’ or played like ‘no tomorrow’. This is a state of zen and we can practice to get in the ‘moment’. This is how a martial artist will use Kata to prepare the mind for battle. How do you practice before a meeting, discussion with your family or playing sport?

Fear is a product of living in the future. To live in the moment avoids fear and will allow you to capitalize on the task at hand, leaving you feeling satisfied.

To practice the art of Zen try reading – the art of war by Samuel griffin!

Know who you are or at the very least …. find out!

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