Gym and Fitness Tip #2 To Staying Motivated!

Gym and Fitness Tip #2 To Staying Motivated!

My recent article on ‘gym and fitness’ gained quite a response, so here is Tip#2 to help you fastrack results!

Gym and Fitness tip #2 isn’t for everyone but it can often make the difference between consistently getting great results, or succumbing to the pressures of work, family, and social stress. If you have not read tip 1 then go here.

In why people fail I discuss exactly that here…

Personal accountability is more important than personal motivation for one simple reason: no one always feels motivated to go make healthy eating choices.

But if we’re accountable to another person, we’ll actually follow through with the healthy eating and exercise choices we need to look and feel great. And we’ll do it over and over again even when the going gets tough. (And the going always gets tough at some point.)

Most people believe they can go it alone but the fact is that 9/10 people who use a trainer get results. This is 200% better than the 3/10, who go it alone and get the results they originally set out to achieve.

That’s why the women who’ve had the most success in changing their bodies, made themselves accountable to another person.

It could be a friend or workout partner or a PUSH_ Trainer.

The important thing is that you make yourself accountable to somebody and get the help you need. You have a lot on your plate already; why not let someone else show you the way?

So What Next?

In conjunction to this small group training is a great way to help motivate you. There are women (who can empathize with your current situation and lend support) in the same boat as you are! I personally find these programs so encouraging! The support from the girls is amazing and I participate in 2 x per week, to keep up the motivation, with like minded mums.

How about you come and join me? Together we will keep each other accountable and balance out our emotions 🙂

I would love to have you join me so email

And See you in the club! Make It Happen

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