Happiness Simplified

Happiness simplified  aims at ‘Extraordinary Living’ and here are  ‘The Simple Six’ practices to help you live happier and be more productive! 

The happiness simplified ‘simple six’ could be used as a checklist to follow . Perhaps you can put them up in your office, diary or on desktop as a reminder.

I hope this helps you clarify whats important in life! It really is too short to not grasp it and ‘be the best version of yourself you can be’! Isn’t it?

Get Real

Get Busy

Stop procrastinating! Life goes on, take advantage of every second. Get comfy with ‘good enough’ is an excuse and not a fact. We can do more as human beings.

Work on your life rather than watching orthers live theirs!

Check out why most fail with fitness and perhaps learn a better way here. 

Get Over IT

BE Yourself

BE Brave

BE Generous

5 T’s to use and use and use and use and use and… ‘you get the picture’.

happiness is not secret sauce
There is no secret sauce!!!!

Finally, find the positives in others and bring to the surface. You can never do this enough and you grow in your own self when you do. This is not being a good person this is simply being  human!


Make it happen



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