Fantastic news, we are re-opening!

Wow, talk about crazy times! Last week we informed members about a ‘soft opening’ from June 8th. The government has now announced that SA has now eased restrictions from June 1st.!!

This is great news but makes things extremely difficult to plan and organise.

Nonetheless, we have been working hard to get members back into Viva.

Below we have itemised how we can work within these government guidelines upon reopening.

Again, we appreciate your support and patience while we continue to evolve with this changing situation.

 • We will be reopening on Tuesday June 2nd.

 • Those members who received our email on Friday and opted to extend their FREE ‘covid’ hold for a further 4 weeks will remain on hold. If you have changed your mind given the lifting of restrictions, then simply reply to this email ‘Remove hold now’.

 • We will keep members informed via email as updates occur.

 • We will continue to post on our ‘Viva Fitness Family’ Facebook group. We recommend joining this group if you have not already. This group is specific for member and club information.

 • The club is frozen. It will remain frozen until reopening. Please be reminded we require 30 days notice for any cancellations & 7 days notice for all membership adjustments.

Direct Debits;

•Those on our current ‘Viva Virtual’ membership will continue with the normal fortnightly debit on Thursday 28th May and will remain fortnightly thereafter. Any amounts to be adjusted will be completed by the following fortnight, the 11th June.

•Those who pay monthly will have a pro rata amount between the 28th may and their normal monthly billing on 2nd of June.

•Personal Training and Warrior membership debits will restart on June 11th. A Pro Rata will be adjusted for anytime used over the 14 days prior.

Members currently on will restart on;

 • Monthly paying members will restart their billing cycle on 2nd of June.

 • Fortnightly paying members will restart their billing cycle on Thursday the 4th of June. Not Thursday the 11th as announced last week given we are now opening a week early.

 • Upfront membership holds will be lifted from 1st of June.

Equipment Returns;

 • If you have spoken to Kristy and organised your return – thank you

 • If you have not heard from Kristy – then you are NOT required to return your equipment YET. Unless you want to, in which case please contact directly.

CLUB COVID Guidelines;

Further guidelines are being finalised and will be emailed and posted on Facebook prior to 2nd June.
These will be displayed on entry and throughout the club. These policies will allow us all to enjoy a safe, clean health club, keeping your health and wellness our number 1 priority.

These guidelines have been directed by SA health and we MUST adhere to these, they are the government’s guidelines and they are in place to protect us all and allows us to recommence the things we love.

-COVID Safe procedures remain – i.e. – sanitation, hand washing, stay away if unwell.

-All members must sanitise equipment before and after use.

-Maximum of 20 members in any 1 area.

-No towel No Entry – we do have towel hire available for $3.

-No water fountains – please bring your own water or purchase water from front desk.

-Toilets available but minimum usage is asked.

-No showers, no sauna.

-Strictly 60 minutes Club time. This means from scanning in to leaving (i.e. change time, kids care pick up, front desk catch ups etc.).

-No roaming. Members must remain in one gym area – i.e. cannot move between upstairs gym and 24 hour where possible and certainly in peak times.

-Maximum Capacity of 10 people per group or class – booking for these classes will be done via an app – details for this to come. 

** We ARE lobbying for 20 per class, as we expected this was, when announcing our opening in our last email. This is also difficult for us – but – we do know ‘something’ is better than ‘nothing’!

We will update Club guidelines regularly, based on what we can do and what we must change.

As mentioned in Friday’s email – Bike classes will only be virtual for another 2 weeks. Hence you are not required to return bikes as yet.

MINI Warriors;

Please allow us time to organise these classes within the new restrictions and stay tuned for updates on ‘Viva Fitness Family’ Page. We will aim for Wednesday the 10th…. 

24/7 Access;

Those of you with 24 hour access cards, you have have access 24 hours, although, doors will automatically lock after 20 entries in one hour.

This will ensure that our after-hours access will be limited to 20 people per hour.

Please respect that you may run the risk of missing out if accessing the 24/7 area in peak times – i.e. 5-6am and weekend afternoons.


Monday – Thursday 6am – 8pm

Friday 6am – 7.30pm

Saturday 8am – 12noon

Sunday 9am – 12noon


Monday – Saturday 8.45am -11.45am

As part of the lifting in restrictions, we believe we are able to allow 20 children in our kids care facility.
Bookings for this will resume as it previously did – via the ‘VIVA KIDSCARE’ Facebook group. Updates will be posted on this Facebook group.


We WILL BE open under the following government restrictions and we have completed our COVOD-19 Safe Plan;

“- There is a limit of 20 people permitted to be in any one gym area doing individual workouts, with a maximum of 80 in the whole centre. This does not include personal trainers or staff employed at the gym. People present must not exceed more than 1 person per 4 square metres and the 1.5 metres social distancing must be adhered to.

– Fitness classes or activities at gymnasiums, health club and fitness centres are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. This does not include the people employed or engaged to work to run the activity. People present must not exceed more than 1 person per 4 square metres and the 1.5 metres social distancing must be adhered to.

– Boot camps or training sessions of up to 10 people are allowed. The number of people gathering should not exceed 10 people and the social distancing principles of 1.5 metres applies.” – SA Health


Please understand that due to the high volume of administration, delays in responses are expected. We have itemised as much as we can to answer your questions.

We ask for your patience and understanding, as we are inundated with business logistics to make this happen but we are excited!

We cannot wait to see you next week and the endorphins and energy on your smiling faces!


Dion, Kristy and the Viva Team

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