10 Dec

Seriously being fit and healthy simply means you have more fun, check out the Viva team put a funny little skit together for you to see who they would love to be if they were a superhero! …Then there is just dion..What the? Great work guys, again yo go above and beyond for your clienst […]

31 Jul

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21 May

PUSH_ Body transformation has 10 days to go and here are some quick tips to make sure you are making the most of it!

18 Mar

Kids Fitness Programs are Great fun and Confidence Building! Why kids fitness programs? Would you like your kids to grow confidence and self esteem? In our kids martial arts fitness classes, they will have fun, grow life skills and learn essential self defence in a non-competitive environment. Don’t let your kids fail with fitness! Our […]

10 Feb

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08 Dec

Are you setting yourself SMART Goals? Are your goals; Specific Measurable Achievable Results Orientated Timed

08 Dec

Check this vid out for 5 key tips to look at around key events like ‘xmas’ that still has you on track and most importantly feeling good about it!

22 Nov

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15 Nov

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09 Nov

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