28 May
Adelaide Kickboxing

Boxing Lessons in the Ukraine Were Humbling I love to plan holidays around exercise! So boxing lessons when vivisting the Ukraine (the moherland) with my father certainly interested me! It just makes me feel good and is a great way to learn and bring back new skillsets to pass on to trainers and clients. I […]

30 Oct

Seriously Low Back Pain Sux! Did you know 80% ofthe population will suffer low back pain and a large 65% of those will endure it over a lifetime! Now this won’t fix your massive issues but if your issues relate to tightness and lack of flexibility and strength in the surrounding areas then you must […]

30 Oct
dion mychalyn viva fitness

So Your Scale Weight Has Not Changed… Now What? Scale weight is a tricky subject. You have been eating breakfast, working out most days and even cut back on the sugary snacks! But it hasn’t changed! You’re not alone! The fact is that you have probably been doing a great job but we often want […]

05 Sep

Spring Fitness Kickstart Perhaps your thinking of a spring fitness kickstart? Well if you are starting a spring fitness program here are some points to consider and fast track progress. Today I have 5 important tips to help you find routine. How much do I do? Do I eat carbs? What to eat? Can I […]

30 May

Winter Fitness Programs Don’t be another statistic this year and go backwards this winter. Join our winter fitness programs and have fun whilst seeing change! Did you know the average Australian packs on 2.5 kilo’s each winter. Not on our watch! That’s why we have put together winter fitness programs starting with the ‘6 week […]

21 May

Over 50’s Fitness Classes We love seeing the over 50’s fitness classes run here at Viva Fitness.  This program has absolutely boomed over the past 2 years since our clubs partner and director Dennis O’Donnell, has taken it upon himself to encourage, support and promote this program to his peers. Check out his program below […]

12 Dec

Team Machine! Our 45 Minute Functional Training classes pack a real punch!! Check it out in the video and come try a class sometime! Why wait until next year, get a head start on 2017… ask us how  #TeamMachine #WarriorTraining  

03 Jun

Wouldn’t You? Viva Fitness Kidman Park 

09 Mar

Interested in boxing classes? Check out our Knockout Kickboxing class. Team training is great for motivation and also loads of fun.  

17 Feb

How to make sure your new years resolutions sticks!

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