VIVA FITNESS - February 2011


27 Feb
get in shape with priorities

I am always looking for new content to blog about and after last weeks Jumpstart presentation, some of you must be eager for strategies to help you with your fitness goals, right? One issue is managing all the important things that life throws at you. Justin Tamsett from active management has the following tips to help you […]

22 Feb
adelaide gym

Guru Nutritionist and fat loss expert, Matt O’neill says that there are three main ways to become an automatic fat burner. Number 1 is Avoid metabolic reducers. Number 2 is to include metabolic boosters and Number 3 is to add metabolic enhancers. This is a simple formula for optimising your metabolism. Grab your pen and […]

14 Feb

Mass building, the process of increasing muscle strength and size, is a popular goal for many fitness minded individuals. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that hitting the gym a few times a week will give them the results they desire. Building mass doesn’t occur overnight, you must undertake a strategic muscle-building plan, assure the body […]

06 Feb

Proteins are made up of amino acids and are considered to be the ‘building blocks’ for the many cellular functions of your body. There are 22 amino acids required by your body to maintain good health; 14 of these are produced by your body (these are classified as non-essential), and the other 8 must be […]

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