07 Feb

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Often Fail! It’s time for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions so welcome to 2018. Today I want to share with you some ideas on your resolution and why ‘most of them suck’. But first I hope you have had a good break. I find that each year we start to wind down […]

27 Jan

Massage room in Adelaide for rent, to for an allied healthcare provider at Viva Fitness. Suits Massage, Physio, Exercise physiologist, Naturopath etc. Viva Fitness has a massage room for lease but is suitable for a variety of allied health professionals. Currently tenanted to a physio who is moving on in career. This purpose built room […]

17 Dec

We have some changes to our operating hours and classes over the Christmas and New Year Break. See Group Fitness Timetable and Warriors timetables here..  

03 Dec

Every year here at VIVA our family will use the love and generosity of our wonderful members to help those in need. This year we have chosen to help disaster victims, by donating to Shoeboxes of Love. WHAT IS SHOE BOXES OF LOVE? Shoe Boxes of Love  is dedicated to providing love and hope to those […]

07 Nov

Festive Season Nutrition Planning Doesn’t Need to be That hard! These festive season nutrition tips will give you flexibility, while giving you good guidelines to use over this coming festive season. Moderation is the key with your festive season nutrition plan! Being too rigid in your thinking might swing you towards ‘all or nothing’ mentality. […]

06 Oct

The term amino acid might sound a bit strange, but the definition is straightforward: Strands of these molecules form the building blocks of protein. When you digest protein, your body breaks it down into individual amino acids and then reconstitutes them as needed. Amino acid supplements are most often associated with bodybuilders. After all, muscle consists of […]

26 Sep
Viva fitness kids care

The Viva Fitness Kids Care facility has been operating 6 days a week, for 35 years! Viva fitness kids care is run by family members and fellow mums, and has been a place that our precious cargo loves to visit… Often not wanting to leave! With regular activities and games to keep them entertained and learning […]

13 Sep

Most of us are pretty confident when it comes to identifying the types of food that we should eat and the types of food that we should avoid, yet despite our best efforts to maintain a wholesome lifestyle, there always seems to be something in our environment that is working against us. The tide of […]

03 Sep

After our 8 Week Winter Wobble Fitness challenge, VIVA has some very happy members. All of them managed to ‘Beat the Winter Wobble’ – BUT most of them made some outstanding improvements not only physically – but for many it was an improvement in their wellbeing – ensuring that the Winter months did not bring […]

30 Aug

24 Hour Fitness… Everyone Can Do 2 Sessions P/wk and Benefit! 24 Hour Fitness has made accesibility to gyms so much easier in the last 10 years. Seriously, every guy can do 2 sessions per week and lift weights to build a better version of themselves. But not just the guys… Woman too! Normally gyms […]

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